Post your NEWEST shiny



My second shiny Sableye! This one’s from the research.


This one has evaded me quite some time as well



Came out of World Tourism task - 19th try… it was insane to find them and the event closing soon - I almost lost hope… but here it is :slight_smile:


gz! 19 tasks for a shiny is really good. I’m 93 quests in on seviper and still no shiny.


Well… task for Lapras is much harder to find… and a bit harder to complete multiple times a day.
To get something like below I had to walk around for over 3h - and after second time a day I literally run out of pokestops in my town! :smile: so it was 6 a day max…

on the other hand all this walking ended up with this guy:

So I hope when Seviper will replace it at some point - I will find it too :slight_smile:

OMG - I just noticed how much stardust you guys have… and me… having 1 - yes, ONE - pokemon trained to Lvl40 - well, no rush… it will come in time :slight_smile:


OMG! :star_struck: This day has finally come! It’s the shiny I’ve been looking for for so long (823rd Shellder seen). It’s the second shiny in one day! Shiny force has been very kind to me lately. :smiley:



Found this pale Sentret lurking outside my local branch of Gregg’s (UK chain of low-quality fat-and-sugar-laced bakers) today. I think it’s been eating too many of their sausage rolls! :wink:


Flippin’ ‘eck! Just caught 2 shizzles sittin’ on my sofa… :astonished::open_mouth::astonished:!!!


Go Plus Surprise from drive to work this morning.


It has happened!


Never got a shiny on Bulbasaur CD, but caught a 2nd the other day at work. So I decided to evolve 1. Mine has Sludge Bomb instead of Frenzy Plant. Not that I’ll ever use it because I have much better Venusaurs.


Mrs. celery got this luminous root vegetable from our new sofa-spawn this evening…


Ended up getting two shiny oddish’s today :slight_smile:


Caught roughly 10-12 Oddish from work to home yesterday via a few Raids.
Sit back in the recliner when I got home and clicked on the single spawn I get at home and bling.
That the 3rd Shiny from that point at home now.
Drifloon, Onix and Oddish


Finally got one, too.


Only took me 17 Raids to get one.
The wife’s done 11 Raids and has 3


Earned my corn this afternoon by capturing the Jolly Green Giant! “Ho, ho, ho…”

Minutes later I happened upon Joaquin Phoenix… (my third)


I see this as an absolute win lol