Post your NEWEST shiny



Spotted this in a gym.


My games broken. I don’t get Shiny on day they are released.
These are one of the better looking Shiny.

Not quite as impressive when evolved.

2nd Shiny Cat last night too.
Was 2/25 and after today 2/30


I really thought, I’d never get this… But here it is. Mediocre IVs, but who cares :relieved:



Nothing much to say about this yellow grub. I guess it was my reward for catching about 5000 non-shiny Yanmas yesterday… :man_shrugging:


My shiny luck is back!


2 shinies in 1 day! Both new event shinies! :star_struck: :four_leaf_clover:


4 Shinies today so far, laughed so hard at the back to back shiny Tauros


Not going to post it since we’ve all seen so many of it from it’s CD, but I caught a shiny Larvitar today. :wink:

Also: I completely forgot about the Yanma shiny and therefore only checked a few in passing. I had wondered why there were SO MANY at work too! lol


Eh, I say it still counts if you caught it outside Community Day since it was full odds.


Let’s hope I get some as well with the luck of @Branebs and @Jormdeworm :joy::joy: after 10 pm here I can’t get any new 7km eggs with the possibility of a shiny regional


Shiny Larvitar is actually very rare outside its Community Day🙂 Feel free to share it, I like seeing other people posting the Shinies they found.


Last week I got two community day shines, a shiny charmander and a shiny larvitar in addition to 5 shiny mewtwo 2 yanma and a 96% IV shiny togepi :heart_eyes:








Got these two on the same account this morning. The other account got none.


I hatched like crazy last week and got nothing. I stopped using bought incubators then, but yesterday I had the feeling it was worth another try. Bought the incubator box and with the first batch I got this. I’ m so happy it’s not our own regional