Post your NEWEST shiny



Shiny force is with me! I found this shiny Pokemon at a brand new spawn point that appeared several hours ago in my town!


I covet your 4M+ stardust more than your shiny Patrat…


Mrs celery got this during raid hour.
We were in a group of 7 dodging the hoodlums and drunkards in my local town… as the raid ended and the balls were being counted up and items allocated a shout of “Shiny!” went up… then another…and another.
In all we got 5 shinies from 7 players. I was one of the two that missed out.




Hot diggity, a trend has developed.


For my friend (left) and myself (right).


Hatched this;


I really wish Niantic would add the ‘shiny’ icon shiny%20icon to this screen. Some shinies look almost just like non-shinies, the added sparkles shiny%20sparkle aren’t always obvious, and sometimes other graphics fool the eye into thinking shiny.

At first glance this looks like an ordinary Alolan Vulpix, for which the snowflakes are often mistaken for shiny sparkles. But on closer inspection, it is clearly a shiny.

Rant over. Nice shiny, @5GodLink.



Better photo🤷🏾‍♂️


Yep - it’s on the Pokémon list screen and the catch screen, but not the main Pokémon details screen… almost as if the designers made a conscious decision to leave it off.

I’m not aiming any criticism at @5GodLink for this, nor even implying it. Quite to the contrary. His hatch was excellent, and his post about it is exemplary.

And it’s not that big a deal, really; it just gets annoying from time to time.


I as well did not know it was shiny, took a hard good look.


Shiny needs more Sparkly stars


Poppin’ Fresh!!! Caught this shiny Pillsbury DojoBoy this morning :+1:
It’s my 5th!:-1:


Grabbed a Patrat on the way into a park with an ex gym, for a Giratina raid hatch. One in the group related how another group did a private Giratina raid (instead of the public lobby) and all got shinies. Sounded dubious, but I went along, and 5 out of 7 got shinies.


Got these on the 2nd and 6th raids of the day. On the last one my alt account finally got the shiny.



Random shinies are the best… We were looking for Giratina raids yesterday, when I accidentally (!) tapped on this. I had meant to tap on the Pokéstop next to it :crazy_face:

Didn’t get it when it came out, so I’m quite happy with it


This cute little bunny just spawned in my house! :rabbit: :sparkles:


I got this sickly Tauros tonight.