Post your NEWEST shiny



Just caught this in the wild while sitting at my desk.

I’d love to catch a screenshot while the pinwheel of sparkles surrounds the Pokémon on the catch screen, but can never seem to get my fingers onto the right positions on my phone to take one before the sparkles go away.

Is there a way to get the catch screen to repeat that graphic without risking losing the Pokémon in the process?


Yes! I REALLY wanted this one. Hatched it today. :slight_smile:


First Electrike I check after the new quests come out–one that spawned from a Magnetic Lure as well–and WTF?!


Turn AR mode on and back of again. Then you stay in catch mode, but the sparkles will re appear then.


Thanks, @Autofan1985 ! And if someone else had answered that Q on this thread months ago, sorry for not remembering (or having time to scroll through all the posts looking for it).


That was fast.




Got this out of a field research task - this was absolutely unexpected

(sorry for the black… I had to switch back from fullscreen mode to normal because I was having trouble scrolling through my Pokémon box… I’ll start cropping the images again… :flushed:)


This was the highlight of the one raid I got to do today.


Random at the grocery store


Was actually doing a Shiny Houndour/Gligar hunt but this one’s welcome too of course. :smiley:


Lucky shiny hatch! My second shiny Elekid!


Haven’t hatched a Shiny since November 2018. :worried: Congrats on the Elekid, by the way.



Decided to not go the bar tonight, and little things like this tell me I make good decisions. XD


My second.






Finally. It took a while to get.