Post your NEWEST shiny




Literally the first Clamperl that spawned in the wild since Week 2 started.


My first one of these.


Clamperl is one of the few non-CD shinies that I have landed twice … unfortunately both evolved into a Gorbyss. lol


It broke out of the first Ultra Ball + Golden Razz. Actually thought it was going to flee lol.


I hatched a Shiny Smoochum out of a 7 km egg this morning. Since I already had one, I evolved it. First shiny of any kind for me since August 11.


Another event and 0 event Shiny.
In the space of 8hrs after the event finishes I get these 2. One on the way home from work and one at home after getting a tooth pulled.

First one or these

Second one of these


I used to get all the “wrong” shinies during events like these too.



Nice to have it of course, but why do I need to hatch my own regional shiny instead of another one?:sweat_smile:


I would gladly trade you thirty Tauros for your shiny MrMime if the game allowed it.


Nice hatch. This was going to be the beginning of a good day.


Caught while walking the dogs this morning.


Caught my second shiny Onix in the wild, and evolved my first into the beautiful golden Steelix (since the first had better CP and would make a nicer trophy).


I’ve caught every Buneary that I’ve seen since it was introduced looking for this!


Congrats! This is one that I also want. 600+ Buneary later … no dice (yet). :smiley:


If we lived close to each other, @VanHooIII, I could’ve traded the whole Shiny Buneary family to you. :joy:


It’s funny how that works. I have THREE shiny Ho-oh and TWO shiny Lugia. In fact, I have more shinies (3, 2) of those Pokemon than regular versions (1 of each), yet I can’t land a shiny Buneary or Zigzagoon. :rofl:


First one.


Also first one.