Post your NEWEST shiny



I thought duoing a Rayquaza for the first time would be the absolute hilight of Sunday’s Pokémon time, until I hit my usual returning-home spawns and caught a shiny I had been wanting for months, and found it to be nearly perfect, to boot.


I just found on a Dutch website reporting that shiny Poliwag is available again.
(Niantic did it again…)

Found the Reddit that was mentioned in the Dutch article.


My 4th shiny Makuhita! That’s the most shiny forms of a single Pokemon that I’ve found outside of CDs or research days.


At the 51st attempt I finally got the nuclear black mamba!
It’s IVs are terrible - at 11/10/10 it’s almost the worst you could possibly get… but I ain’t complain’ :smiley::star2::+1:


Huh, I was able to get a Shiny Poliwag as early as August 21st. When was Poliwag reported to not be Shiny temporarily?


Once a shiny, always a shiny


98% iv!


Apart from Meltan which they turn on and off.


Sweet! Male or female? I caught a 98% Female during Community Day.




Sure. In fairness to Arem, though: if a pokemon has a special event where its shiny rate is 1 in 20, when it is throttled back to a more ordinary shiny rate like 1 in 250, it can feel like its shiny is no longer out there.

I never saw a shiny Poliwag in the game, anyway; so as far as I’m concerned, it might as well be Unown.


My 4th shiny Magikarp! This is crazy! :astonished:


Two in one day!


My first goldfish after 1207 caught :sob::sob::sob:

And it has 15 attack too :tipping_hand_man:


This boss had Outrage; but my 2 trainers still beat it with 20 seconds to spare. I was so psyched to see this on one of them.



This one evaded me during its GO Fest weekend… It’s not the one I was hoping for, but I’ll take it


I wanted this one, but am also watching for the shiny Barboach or Seel.


I was gobsmacked to encounter this. I think this will be held for Sylveon. Love those baby blue ribbons. XD


The special Rayquaza hour was very kind to me. I got 14 out of 15 with these 4 shinies: