Post your NEWEST shiny



Got this one today in my Office.


For tonight’s Dinner Raid Hour I did 7 raids with 2 accounts, capturing 12 for 14, with 2 shiny. Nice hour.


Yes! I’ve been hunting this for so long… And today I was at our local park during lunch break and I only tapped on it because I had the “Catch 5 water-type Pokémon” quest…


Congratulations! I need that one too. Maybe I get it during Water festival.


Got this from a task. It’s my second one

Hatched and evolved this:


Shiny green dinosaur spotted.


Speaking about Shiny Green Dinosaurs…


Thats not a dino, sorry.


My first shiny for three weeks and this demon-eyes robotic dog-thing is once again #THEWRONGSHIZZLE 🥺


Oh, a shadow Aron with red eyes?


Yep :+1::wink::grin:




Litterally the first pokemon I found.




Hooked this tiddler from Water Festival research this arvo :+1::fishing_pole_and_fish:


I lost my old account…I was Player1 FTW. I caught this today & made a new account just to share it with some legit shiny hunters such as yourselves!



I got super lucky catching the Shiny Hundo Rayquaza! It’s the 8th Rayquaza I’ve seen I’m 8 for 8 @100% catch rate with the latest being my 1st Shiny Legendary Pokemon (I would’ve been happy with a high 80s-90s…stoked to get it @100)


Got this Friday night.
Pity I had already been walking another Feebas for 9k


I was on vacation in Florida, and caught these!