Post your NEWEST shiny



Technically a duplicate (trade with @Punica a while ago) but still nice. First I captured myself



Eeyow, that’s nice. Especially the nearly-perfect one. Congrats, NaK.


Second shiny in 2 days. Last Pokemon I checked before going home


That’s the shiny I need!
Unfortunately, I don’t have anything new to post here.



Got in a trade yesterday. (He was saving it for me until we became lucky friends.)


Today Mrs. celery hatched a spangly Pichu…

…and at the 33rd attempt (29 as a duo) finally snaffled a fancy Rayquaza…

… nothing for me though :frowning:


How many raids have you done during Suicune raid day to get these 2 beautiful shiny?


Ended up doing 12 after I got suckered into helping someone chase for their 1st one. Got my Shiny ones on #1 and #7. I only really wanted to do the Free 6.


Thanks, I only do the free 6


Went 17 for 18 Suicune today with 2 shinies. (2 accounts did 9 raids)


I was lucky enought to get my shiny Suicune witihin the 9 raids we had found time for. (All 9 were mediocre IVs, but who cares it’s just Suicune).
On my way home I even plussed a shiny Aipom. Shiny charm still working :grin:



The game awarded me with this pretty boy! :star_struck:


Third one.



Yessss, I’m waiting for one, but you show that they are still there outside…


0 for 6 in shiny Rayquaza tonight. But it was quite nice to catch a shiny Growlithe and hatch a shiny Ralts.


Got some Shiny’s over the last 4 days.
Went to my regular 3 Stop Lure Spot for some Dust grinding Monday night. They had a function on at the Hall stopping me from getting a Park in the right spot so I turned around and went home to try a Twin Stop around the corner that I can see on the screen from home (new Stop added close to the existing one 2 weeks ago).
Picked up the Gold nugget on the 10min drive between the 2 on the Go Plus.

Picked up next one up with the Go Plus on the drive home from work Tuesday.