Post your NEWEST shiny



Lol keep that drifloon as a drifloon, that’s a HIGH (get it?) CP!


All the Cone heads would be excited with that.


Evolved Driffloon and Shellder since I had 2 of each now…


Just found this.


Lol, I have the same strategy.


3rd Shiny is up for trade but that is rare for non CD day monster for me.


Just found my profile photo.


Maybe that’s the thing. If you put shiny you want as your profile picture, you’ll soon get it! I’ll try it.


In that case I need to change my profile photo too, because I have the Shiny Bronzor family complete now.


Shiny Shellder keeps avoiding me for so long. 750 seen and still no shiny. Very common Pokemon here. Hopefully this will help me to finally find it.


How much do you want? Got 6 of them.


Almost 1,5 years later after encountering my first Shiny Meditite I completed the Shiny Meditite family too.


You have so much shiny luck, I click every Pokémon I can and still don’t have a shiny meditite :sob:


It will soon happen. :sparkles::sparkles:


Same here. I even try to catch virtually every one that I click on (rather than doing the cursory ‘shiny check’ and ignoring non-shinies. @Jormdeworm does seem to have an uncanny knack for encountering and catching shinies.

Calling all shinies: I’m rather dull - come to me. When you’re next to me, your shininess will look REALLY glorious! :grin:

Be like this Kyogre, who came to me on Sunday evening as my 7-day field research reward…


Not that I wanted another one, but … lol …


Got this the first raid for dinner raid hour today. The 4th shiny Rayquaza for this acct, while the other acct still has just 1. And both have raided at least 40 Rays during this event.


Got a second shiny Natu tonight. Here it is, next to a regular one. The color differences aren’t very dramatic.


Congrats, I have so many natu here, no shiny yet.


Same here.