Post your NEWEST shiny



That did feel kinda lazy of me … lol


Nice amount of Stardust!


I hatched this cutie yesterday. :star_struck::star_struck:


Nice! Thanks for posting.


Wasn’t expecting this one again.

EDIT: One hour later:

I’m gagged.



Man I want 1


I want 2!


This is from a go fest task.


The last 48 hours have been kind to me :grin:


I can’t complain for once About the last 3 weeks.
5 non CD Shiny’s in about 750 non CD caught Pokemon.
1 shiny on about 150 caught Pokemon. :star_struck:

The Clamperl I caught on the Ralts CD was Just the 4th I caught after the event. :sunglasses:

Got my shinyluck back. Hope I can keep it this way for some time.




While everyone seems to be doing well with multiple Shiny l’ll have to be satisfied with just 1. An improvement on the 0 I usually get during events.




The other 8 Rayquazas I caught this evening will probably either become candy or be traded. But the otherwise-mediocre 9th was shiny, so it’s a keeper. A shiny Sneasel was waiting next to the penultimate raid, much to my delighted surprise.


One of my home spawn points gave me this green fossil this morning. And even with some decent IV… I’ve been hunting this for so long…
The game has treated me way too well in the last few days… This seems to hint at a shiny-less Suicune raid day for me…



Didn’t know Pikachu was shiny until after I caught her.


Was out for some Rayquaza raids yesterday in the evening and finally found my second shiny Drifloon.
It got evolved only shortly after