Post your NEWEST shiny



I evolved mine.



All my Rayquazas may be green, but so is this little guy (caught immediately after me and the missus’ 10th duo - no shiny for either of us yet).


Found my goldfish.


I’ve been averaging 4 Rayquaza raids a day since its raid boss return began. I landed my second shiny one during lunchtime yesterday (giving a shiny rate around 1/30 for it, so far). I also hatched a shiny Cleffa just after dinner on Sunday.

Catching a 98% perfect Rayquaza (15-14-15 atk-def-hp) on the last raid of the day was arguably at least as exciting as the second shiny.


Day 1 of GO Fest outside of Japan, and wow!


Wait that is Shiny? :thinking: it looks like the normal one.


It’s a lighter shade of blue. Check here and scroll down where they’re side-by-side.


The whole family.




I’ve always liked the way Anorith looks and had been hoping to bag its shiny for a long time.


Landed shiny Ekans. :smiley:


Congrats. Care to show us? I enjoy seeing other people’s prize items more than just hearing that they got 'em. Show And Tell is much more fun than just Tell or just Show (mea culpa for posting a few of the latter out of my own haste or laziness).





San antonio shiny


2 shines one day!!! And a new one also


Tonight’s raid hour seemed to have a low shiny rate; but this came the third out of five raids.