Post your NEWEST shiny




My 2nd shiny Meditite!



My Rayquaza catch of the day (edit: already powered-up 5 times):

What was waiting for me when I got home:



I evolved some of my old shinies.


I finally got shiny Vaporeon!




Holy Shit, This Metagross is Gigantic, look at the CP and dude how come you have so much stardust, woww!


Not counting the CD shinies:


Bonus catch



When something we first perceive to be common turns out to be something quite rare, it’s hard not to get a little excited… Pidgeys are virtually everywhere around here; but a shiny one is a real prize – Congrats!


Got the stink bomb Friday night and the Catform on the drive to my CD spot.



Sneaky pink just hatched from a 5k eggo. :grinning:


I got well-compensated for the almost completely missed CD…
Yesterday, when we were waiting for someone at our house in construction, I placed a lure at the pokéstop there and got a shiny Spoink out of it.
Today on my way work I was finally able to find a shiny Pidgey. Now I’d like to save some of my shiny luck for Suicune raid day (we again won’t be able to play the full 3 hours, so I need that shiny quickly…)


Looks a bit like mine:

And some other ones:


Lunch break shiny… My second Murkrow, even lower CP than the other one, but I’ll take it. It’s the third full-odds shiny in two days


Caught at work