Post your NEWEST shiny



@Jormdeworm @MrHeineken88 this is from either of your gift, thank you for your egg!


What is the place where the egg is from? If “Hellevoetsluis” or “Dordrecht” it is @Jormdeworm, if “Monster”, “Delft”, “The Hague” it is @MrHeineken88


Or somewhere in France.



Neither, it said " 's-Gravenzande, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands". Maybe it’s from you? :thinking:


That is me. 's-gravenzande is close to Monster.


2nd Straw hat Pikachu… Why does Raichu hate that hat so much? :frowning:

We and a friend (no @Brobraam, another friend :joy:) were heading to a Marowak raid further away from home. He was driving with 3 phones on his dashboard and arriving at the gym there was a Bronzor 100 meter before the gym. I tapped it, switched to the phones on the dashboard to help my friend getting it too. On 2 accounts (both 1) we succeeded, but on the 3rd we saw it despawning. After that I went back to my own screen seeing this:



Been hoping for this one for awhile. In his effort to pretend he was a Legendary Raid Boss, he came in a way guaranteeing a first-throw catch.



Wish I could give that more than one ‘like’, @MrHeineken88.


BRUH Its the same spot as the last Zigzagoon


Mrs. Celery caught this on the first and only Koffing she clicked on today… :expressionless:. Some people have all the blinking luck!


@iLikeCastform, apparently zigzagoonLikeU.



I was barely even trying for these.


The green snake might have been better, and the green Machop certainly would have. But I don’t mind a second green powder puff this week.






1 more Ekans and the event is a succes for me, cause Zubat and Sneasel actually don’t spawn around here.


Platinum blonde or rockin’ that albinism? Either way, this Eevee is definitely #thewrongshizzle :disappointed:


Got a minun and an ekans today in the same spot :grin:


No need to HISS today as this cold-blooded rubber-hose-man is definitely #therightshizzle :grin: