Post your NEWEST shiny




Tell me if it worked😛


My first Alolan shine-ster!
I tried to get a screengrab of the sparkles… but FAIL!.. just got the aftershock of the pounce! :crazy_face:


That first one, nice. :+1:


Shiny, but not green – wow! Is that the Alola Rattata shiny or something? It looks really different from all the other Rattatas I’ve seen.




Indeed it is! The Alolan Rattata in full fetching shiny burgundy regalia :grin:


On a side note, (and apologies for the double post), I took a rather hefty blow to the head at the start of the weekend. My own clumsiness saw me collide with an immovable cast iron coach-light attached to the side of a house - resulting in a nasty cut and a bump the size of an egg on the top of my bonce.
But, and here’s the rub, ever since I’ve had some really good luck with the shinies. Male Nidoran, Feebas, Onix, Alolan Rattata and a gaggle of Slakoths have come my way - when oftentimes I’m left completely empty-handed.
So I’ve started to wonder if I’m actually still knocked-out, laying prostrate on the ground undiscovered - and this is all some kind of concussion-induced fantasy…
Can someone pinch me to see if it’s real? :grinning::wink:


@Fabsu what day where you there?

I caught a whopping
30 shinies at go fest, including 2 kabuto 6 male nidoran and some other really wanted shinies!


I was there on Sunday. What about you? I only got 10 shinies but 5 new ones, so I’m pretty happy. GoFest Dortmund was insanely amazing, I’m so happy that I got to participate in my first GoFest.


Aah great i was there on friday from 08:20 tot 18:00, i managed to walk 20 Kilometers so i was pretty tired after the day. But indeed it was amazing!


It worked @Jormdeworm :crazy_face:
It’s my 3th.

@Brobraam, do you have 2 already?


I do not have any shiny makuhita yet




Shiny volume button.


Accidentally pressed it while making a screenshot


That’s gotta be really rear


From Weekly Research. My first :neutral_face:


Forgot to post this 3 days ago


Got this little fella the last place I stopped on the way home.