Post your NEWEST shiny



I got two of the other one and none of the one you have I’ll trade you lol


When Niantic introduces international trading we’ll trade for sure.


Yesssss …


@VanHooIII, so jealous of your shiny Shinx, caught/hatched 18, no shiny yet


Thanks! I was so shocked. I’ve never seen a shiny on a raid. lol


How is its IV? Will you evolve or keep it as it is?


Just 82.2, which isn’t worth building up or using dust on. I’ll evolve it to get the shinies in the dex, but otherwise it’s just a trophy.


Hold on evolving it until you have 2 times of candies of evolving both shiny and regular, that is my plan if I ever get shiny


Wow. I always thought they were a myth.



I already have a regular Luxray, but it sucks. lol


How does Luxray rank among electric type?


It’s hard to say, I’ve never spent dust building mine up. :frowning:

I’d love to get a better one to find out. I use Electivire and Raichu a lot in PVP. Electivire is pretty amazing.


Then it’s just dex entry


Maybe not. I’ve just never tried mine since it has awful IVs. :stuck_out_tongue:


Or hope that Shinx cd will ever come lol


Caught two shiny totodiles on community day!


While Luxray isn’t going to upset Electivire, Raikou or Zapdos anytime soon, it’s still in the top rankings as Electric-types go. If you have a great one, having it back up your Electivire would be wise, as well as if you aren’t able to get better Raikou or Zapdos. I plan to level up my own Luxray (98%) eventually, but it’s not a priority since no Legendaries for the time being need an Electric type to counter it.

Only shinies I’ve gotten since my Pinsir were the Totodile shinies, and I’m sure everyone has one of those so not bothering to post it. Once I get a new Shiny of any kind not associated to Community Day, I’ll post it.


Electric type has too many good legemdaries coming.
Zekrom and more gonna spice things up


As of now, Luxray is behind Electivire from non legendary side, is Luxray better or worse than Jolteon?