Post your NEWEST shiny



I think worse.


Got this beauty at full odd today after catching pokedex Finneon

And also got 3 Golden Razz Berry, 1 rare candy, and 1 fast TM out of an Mawile raid.

Pretty good day.


My second shiny Murkrow!


I leveled mine up for Kyogre, and they’re neck and neck. They have identical attack, while Luxray has less defense but higher HP. Jolteon has more defense but less HP.

EDIT: Forgot to post the Shiny I got in my own apartment last night:



Thanks for your info, but Luxray has Wild Charge, the best electric type charge move, while Jolteon does not


That’s true, which puts it slightly ahead of Jolteon as Jolteon’s best move is Thunderbolt.


But the down side on Luxray is the amount of candies needed to get it and Shinx is raid exclusive so far


Shinx can be Hatched so not totally Raid exclusive.


Oh yeah, I forget about it, I did hatch one recently, lol


True enough. It was an investment I was fortunate to have made. I can’t say the same as everyone else, but hopefully the drive for the Shiny was enough for some people. I didn’t get the Shiny myself, but I got the 98% which was enough for me. Some Lucky Hatches helped as well.


I guess that what Niantics want to do to them, balance these two that perform neck and neck, candy vs moveset


Why cant these be Good useful IV at this CP?


Wow…thats a boosted boi


Yet you got a sentret candy for catching it


LOL that’s because I had just transferred a Sentret then took the screenshot.


My newest shiny. Caught it yesterday.


Forgot to post this…
You know… I was so annoyed on Jan 1st when I got yet another Moltres (probably due to the glitch), and said I never want another Moltres again.
Now I got this… It’s my third shiny Moltres. I don’t even want it… I wish I could give it to one of you who is still lacking one


Sounds familiar: In November I also got one of the Breakthrow: my 6th…



@kRe I would take it.