Post your NEWEST shiny



@cup, nice, congratulations, caught in wild?


Yeah HEB parking lot and just managed to evolve it earlier



Two new shinies on two days in a row. 2018 ended great :grin:

Now where does this shiny Delibird hide? :thinking::laughing:


Finally caught a shiny Growlithe tonight! Regular Growlithe included so you can see the difference. lol

So, of course I evolved it …



Newest I got was a Shiny Pinsir, but it was via trade as I had an extra Shiny Shuppet to give someone. I didn’t want anything in particular, so they gave me a Pinsir, which thankfully I didn’t have.


Caught it today while it was snowing.


I been wanting one so bad


Got my 3rd Sunburt Elephant with another Go Plus Surprise yesterday on the Bike.
All 3 have been Go Plus Surprises. The excitement of clicking on and finding it Shiny is lost a bit over the discovery in the list when cleaning up.


If I lived closer, I’d trade you one. I’ve caught three now … somehow … lol


Aron is my only nonevent noncd shiny


I am same as @Cup


What about me lol




lol But … I promised you a Kangaskhan! :stuck_out_tongue:


I need one of them traded all mine


Kangaskhan was the 2018 promise, now it’s 2019, different one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A little while ago (forgot to post it) I saw an Alolan Raichu raid. I soloed it, and when catching my first Alolan Raichu, it happened to be a shiny!

I named her PretzelBread (because look at it) and I transferred her to Let’s Go where she is a staple on my team along with my shiny Blastoise.


I caught another shiny Plusle! :star_struck: I still need shiny Minun.