Post your NEWEST shiny



Last night I was grumbling that I hadn’t even seen a shiny for what seemed like weeks, and this morning I got this shiny Articuno as my 7d field-research reward.

I thought it might quench my thirst for shinies for awhile; but it just whetted my appetite. :slight_smile: (and seeing a few here that are new to me, like Snubbull and the Santa bird, had a nearly pavlov’s-dog effect – those are pretty neat)


Shiny ball


Here is the little sunburned one


Managed a second one today :grinning:


There are not many days left before Delibird leaves us for another year, I hope I could manage to get one shiny


My boy!


How many of us would know Delibird is actually holding its tail, not a bag with presents inside?


No, it’s not mine. I can’t find it.


Trade with whoever has it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe. At least not before this event ends.


Yes, of course


Hallelujah! My prayers have been answered!




Landed a second shiny Snorunt. Now I’ll have shiny Glalie and Froslass. :smiley:


It’s cp is 404. So your Delibird is an error 404…


So it doesn’t actually exist? :joy:



Two more candies!




Caught a shiny Aron tonight, which already had. Soooo, the last two shinies have been repeats for me. lol