Post your NEWEST shiny



Anyone get shiny delibird yet? Im 0 for 67 checks


I have been trying all day and nothing


Same here





I play all times of the day. :smiley:



Seasonal theme!


Is Delibird’s shiny rate boosted? If seen soooo many people getting a shiny Delibird and it is a few days out now.


According to your thing that if a pokemon has increased rates it has a higher shiny rate then yes.


I think Delibird’s shiny rate is as high as the rate was for Shiny Plusle, Minun, Pinsir, Roselia, Wingull, Cubone & Ponyta in their events.


Pinsir had the highest rate.

But i have found only one until now and less than 10 people in the community from the Hague to delft have found one by now


They all had the same rate, its just your info that led you to that conclusion.


No way it’s boosted. Only one local player has managed to snag one.


What about community days?
Wouldn’t those have the highest?


I was actually on a Shiny Delibird hunt, but instead I found this one😁


I’ve got a Snorunt and a Ponyta :slight_smile:



I saw it and said I would give my dad 10 bucks if it wasn’t you lol