Post your NEWEST shiny



For a hatch? Ivs usually are good.


3 of the 4 I got within 200 meter of my home.


I got throughout the weekend:
2 Squirtle
A Chikorita



Nice I did not get to raid today


traded 1 min ago


Ho-Oh is the shiny I’m really still hoping for… Won’t be able to raid too much this weekend, but we’ll see.
But I got this shiny Snubbull out of nowhere yesterday from one of my home spawn points… :blush:


Found this one in my house a few days ago.


A friend that I was hunting Pokemon with tonight caught a shiny Caterpie. He traded it to me for a shiny Charmander. He didn’t get one during the event while I landed 3. lol


Two in one day! Thursday was a good one indeed!


Another one with a Sinnoh evolution.


There must be something wrong with me… Just hatched a shiny Pichu :star_struck:Screenshot_20181217-210024__01


Caught a shiny Pineco and shiny Wingull at full odd today, I only saw one Pineco and one Wingull today, and both are shiny. Even their regular forms are rare to me.


I havent seen a wingull in wild since the event where it could be shiny


I saw a shiny Arcanine in a gym



And it is female! I think i know someone who has a Shiny Froslass in the near future


This one is beautiful :hugs:


Me too, that’s the only Wingull I encountered since that event


You played so early in the day!