Post your NEWEST shiny



Im usually unlucky when it comes to shinies so this was a pleasant surprise (and Ill trade some of them for lucky level 40s, which is the best trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever)



17 total shinies over the last two days. I’m quite pleased with the results, honestly.


Picked up a few shinies at the GoFest, too. Wish I could have played all 20 hours of it…


Had not much shiny luck on day 2. And I grinded hard.


Selected highlights from the weekend’s Incense Fest (sorry, GO Fest :wink:). Full haul posted in the Go Fest thread…


Got this the day before Go Fest was due to start.

Go Fest had just started when I was just about to leave home for Golf and got this.

Go Plus picked this up while Gym Bashing later that night.

Got this at work yesterday the day after Go Fest had finished.


Figured I forgot to post these, as well as my GO Fest results and my Gastly Community Day results. :man_facepalming: Will post that in the next few days. Still no Shiny Sableye, Gible, Swablu, Alolan Grimer, Giratina or Zangoose for me. Hopefully the makeup event will help me with that. Also, I almost lost the first Shiny Alolan Marowak because the game crashed when I encountered it and it took five minutes to reload. :man_facepalming: Fortunately, it was still there :four_leaf_clover:.


Lilac Coolio by the river this afternoon…



Randomly opened the game after a busy day. Then I saw this in my Pokémon Storage before the hatching animation appeared! Couldn’t leave this hatch un-screenrecorded. It really makes up for my bad hatching luck. On the bad side it’s my fifth or perhaps even sixth Shiny Ponyta and I just can’t manage to hatch any Shiny Babies, so hopefully this is not causing bad hatching luck again😕



Shiny shadow snek


Ultra Unlock: Rodent Week :expressionless:



This is getting comical, I have little to no Ray candy, Rare candies and dust and I already have 2 hundos at captured level and now this thing came in


This is my second. Had one from the previous event it was featured.




If only it took 21 more days, I’d have taken me a YEAR to find another Shiny Legendary! It’s amazing how hard it is for me to get these. Before this Rayquaza, my Shiny Legendary rate was less than a halve of the 1/19 Shiny rate. Definitely happy with this surprise from a Remote Raid!