Post your NEWEST shiny



My shinies on the second day of Go Fest :star_struck: :four_leaf_clover: :sparkles:


Our windy afternoons all week have drawn most of the Rayquaza raiding away from the cloudy (non-boosted) mornings. So I was expecting that my main and alt would be alone in this morning’s early raid. The nice surprise was to get my first shiny Ray for this event.


I finally caught a shiny trapinch.


I expected there to be a lot more Shiny posted in here since my last inclusion.
This is what I’ve got since Dragon week started.

Meowth and Swabluu were GoPlus surprise on the 2nd Day.
Dratini was caught in my office
Gible Hatched
Charmander caught at home while the wife was grumbling about the other 4 Shiny v her 0 this event.
The Dragon Egg Tree was in my office this morning.
Meowth and Gible Shiny I never had until now.




I found this kitty in my house :smiley_cat:


Shiny Alolan Exeggutor really likes me. And this event. I almost got more shinies than at Go Fest.


Much to my Wife’s disgust I got another of these within minutes of getting home from work and sitting down.


:sparkles:SHINE-ALLY :sparkles: the turquoise seahorse is mine! :grin:(974 bog-standard encounters)


For second day in a row I get home from work sit down and first thing I click on is another Shiny.
I’m getting the daggers looks from the other half as I type this.


Pinkini !! :sparkling_heart:



Winner, winner, chicken spinner :grinning::+1:


Finally got one



Nicely done on that Zigbuffoon Kanga :grinning:
Had my own bit of luck on a long overdue shiny last night… only took me 1783 goes :flushed:




Barbados monkey from the ‘Snap a Scrapper’ Research :green_heart: