Post your NEWEST shiny



The haul from today:


Got this Clampy from the Throwback research

And Mrs. c. caught a Crabby McGreenFace during the Carvanha event




Where I didn’t get a Shiny Barboach or Carvanha during Water Festival 2019, I’ve gotten one of both this week. It has good IV’s, too. 3* and I believe 15 Attack.


From my first Terrakion raid this event. Five after this weren’t so shiny.


From Spotlight Hour yesterday.


Caught at work


Another one I thought I’d never get🤩. Or at least I didn’t expect to find it soon.

Edit: this is my third 3* Shiny in two weeks, that’s even more lucky!


Let’s hope I get one soon that I think i’ll never get :joy:
Such as terrakkion and shinx lol


Got this a few days ago, but forgot to post it:






Four shinies in a single day. That normally doesn’t happen unless it’s a Community Day.


One weeks harvest :grin:


Two more today!


Another two full odds 3* Shinies! And two Shiny Hippos so close after each other, and they have different Genders, too! Cool surprise! Of course I evolved the two 3* Shinies immediately.


Another one.





Got nine Green Coin Bronzor, a Green Tree Bronzor and a Light Blue Penguin Bronzor so that was a good hunt👍.