Post your NEWEST shiny



Either way, @MizukiNiles, congratulations! I’ve wanted a shiny Shinx since it was first released (the only shiny I desire more is Machop), and every sighting refreshes my hope for encountering one.

(edited to distinguish between whom I was congratulating and to whom I was directing my reply)


Yes it was a research encounter.


That’s the last time I give a damn about trying to get a screenshot of the shiny with the sparkles around it – on my fourth try to replay the sparkles (by going into AR and timing the return to non-AR just right), the game went right back to the main screen and I lost my first ever shiny Misdreavus.





I was TERRIFIED that the game would crash during this Raid as it has done twice now in previous raids–the fix Niantic shared with me no longer works–but thankfully Arceus was with me tonight. The game crashed VERY shortly after the recording stopped.


I finally got a shiny during Spotlight hour… not the featured one, though :grin:



Caught at home


I still don’t like his design but since he’s Shiny I’ll take it.


Caught social distancing at home…


It would have been embarrassing to lose today’s trio raid try after barely falling short in yesterday’s duo raid effort. But the win was a relief, and the shiny, a nice treat.




These were only a couple hours apart. Only one hour was left in the Johto event, so whew! Pretty much three hours later, my first Shiny Wurmple. It became a Beautifly.


Hoenn challenge reward


Just chilling at home.


My second shiny female starter Pokemon and third shiny starter.


Go Plus surprise during Saturday nights gym tear up session.

Got Red Eyes finally between cleaning up over 200 catches from last night this morning.

Go Plus catch from Incense day.


Shiny force blessed me with this colorful fish :star_struck:




2nd Fish click, nothing after.