Post your NEWEST shiny



I got this butter-basted golden-roasted goose yesterday…

Cat had a good event 5 shizzle snubs plus 2 hundos… and a pinkier Dunsparce halfway through…


Another great day.


I’ve already got all the Giratina I need and even the shinies, from the first shiny go-round; I’m helping 2 friends get their first, though. So, of course, who gets the shiny in last night’s raids? :blush:


And a few so far today from what is essentially Snubbull community day…


A couple more just obtained, which makes it time to switch from Research Tasks to real life tasks…

The bulls kept spawning, and that kept finishing research tasks, which rewarded with more bulls… before I could make my getaway I had landed another shiny. The shininess of the Snubbull and Abra events for me kind of makes up for the sparseness of shinies since the lockdown began.


My only shiny Snubbull from this research day, but that’s OK cause I already have 1 shiny Snubbull and 1 shiny Granbull.



another shiny! Thanks to lord helix and lord arceus and bird Jesus :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

RNGsus is on my side this week


These are the new Sneasel.


Johto Special Research Ho-Oh was only level 15; but it was shiny! First shiny Ho-Oh!

That was just before my first raid today. I got this on my third and final raid:


Finally got one


Praise to lord helix, arceus, bird Jesus, RNGsus and Mew, ancestor of all Pokemon xD


Went out for my midnight, moonlit, covid-free stroll around the village and found this rock-pretending-to-be-a-tree blocking my path. It didn’t fool me however, it’s camouflage was ever-so-slighty the wrong colour :grinning:


This is one of the better ones. I really want one as well.




First encounter of the day.


Nice! Wild encounter, or field-research reward?


It isn’t wild so it must be a research encounter. It is level 15


This was the only interesting encounter during a morning incense session yesterday. And the only shiny I’ve met during incense, outside of Saturday’s Snubbull event. AND it’s been long enough since Chikorita Community Day that I’m not sick of them, anymore. :grin: