Post your NEWEST shiny



Got one shiny Bronzor which was all I needed as I already had another shiny from before. Also caught a hundo which was a bonus.


Nice haul. And a timely reminder for anybody who has been preoccupied with preparations for Reshiram to the point of losing track of the Bonzor event. :flushed:


Looking out a lot, no shiny at all…


Two within ten minutes, one only on the third check in the event.


Total of 117 Bonzors this evening for these 2 lousy shinies.

Part of a generally crappy Pokéafternoon when temps hit 99 Fahrenheit in San Francisco (a little over 37 Celsius).


Geez, some of you are churning out the Shinys.
I was busy running around doing errands and shopping during the Spotlight hour. Had a stink and the GoPlus running for 3/4 of it and broke my run of 3 Shinyless Spotlight hours on the 4th.


Oh yeah, I forgot to post this one today:

Thank you for reminding me.


Back-to-back shinies for me this afternoon for the first time ever on a non-boosted event day. Second ginger ‘goon swiftly followed by my hundredth snowy eevee… with just enough time between to hatch an eggo!


A welcome surprise this morning!


Second Pokémon caught after I noticed the game back on was my first shiny Skitty!



Go Plus got this 4 days ago.


In my work office now.


Go Plus Surprise from Gym run on way home from work.


What a nice (and strange) picture of a Patrat, hahaha


Finally got one of these.


I hope this doesn’t become my new Murkrow–have like 6 of those.


Tonight’s shiny Buneary is the second I’ve caught during our county’s shelter order. My first 2 efforts to get a screen shot of the trademark sparkle pinwheel failed, and rather than keep trying, (which is the way I lost my shiny Misdreavous last month), I went ahead and caught it.


I’d forgotten how fun it is to get a shiny two days in a row! And now both my main and my alt have one shiny Zigzagoon, each. :smiley:


Hatched this earlier this evening, utterly shocked when I hatched and even more floored when I checked the IVs