Post your NEWEST shiny



Does that mean you had shiny Volbeat already? Or just that you weren’t searching for it?


Shiny Volbeat has been released today, so I meant I haven’t searched for it for long.


Ahhhhh, thanks. I’d only seen one before today. (I’d seen tons of Illumise before, but no shinies. No shinies of either yet today, despite dozens of each spawning already.)


My guess is that you mean that you’ve received so many repeat Shinies that one you didn’t have was very refreshing.


No, I mean I’ve gotten nine Shinies I was just unable to find before in a row. (So they were hard to get for me.) I was surprised that streak broke with a Volbeat.

Edit: If I exclude the Shiny Sentrets it’s actually ten in a row.


Wow, that was fast! I got it from the research! And it has great IVs! :star_struck: :four_leaf_clover: :sparkles:


Five hours of incense today. Hundreds of Pokémon, and my only shiny was one that I had been chasing since January 2019, without luck. (Ever since the shiny was released for Feebas special-research “Community Day”)


That would qualify this as a pretty good day, Pokémon-wise. :slightly_smiling_face:


What happened to your dust?


Caught at work this morning


Another new Shiny in the pocket.


Finally got a Yap Yap Dog


Still in rural isolation here at Celeriac Towers.
Current event shinies:
Mrs c. got an Illumise, cat got a Feebas, I got bubkis, zip, zilch, nada, nuffin’…


I’m in shock, I don’t get 2 in same day :flushed:


Now I only have yet to find a Shiny Eevee and a Shiny Chansey and then I have found all event Shinies at least once. :sweat_smile: That’s way better than the Easter Event.


Pretty much one right after the other.


Caught at home


Got both after just a few checks since the last Shiny Feebas & Illumise. Maybe only 20 for both. Glad, because we have Volbeat here, not Illumise. Pity I’ve gotten another bad Purple Fish, but the event isn’t over yet, so I still have my hopes up on finding a better one. But it’s okay. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m still chasing the shiny Volbeat after about 200 encounters


Oh look, another one.


17 all up for CD

Then this shortly after getting home.