Post your NEWEST shiny



I’ve gotten quite a few Shiny Abra, but this also showed up on Incense:


From incense :star_struck: I’ve been searching so long for this one!


FI. NAL. LY. I still hate GO Battle League Days though.


A shiny almost everybody got yesterday… This was neither the best IV in my shiny haul, nor the best CP, nor the highest level … but it was the best combination of the three. 67 IV, 2501 CP, level 30.


Two more. Back to back as well.


0 from 24 on the original Marillo day and 0 from the first 10 on the euro make-up day… then BAAAAAM!!..The earth shock, the waves parted, the sky was ripped asunder, and something surprisingly green appeared… :wink:

Also Volbeat from yesterday’s midnight scurry round the block to avoid the prying eyes of the village Stasi…


So many shiny abra


Another one!


Got Eevee too, so I’m now only missing Chansey. I will most likely not get Shiny Chansey anymore though, because I won’t go out during the event anymore.


Caught her at work today



Alright so something odd just happened. I encountered the Shiny Plusle a few seconds before Pidgey Spotlight Hour started (completely forgot that was today). However, I got kicked out of the game. When I opened it again, the Shiny Plusle had changed into a Shiny Pidgey. :man_facepalming::rofl: Honestly glad the game kicked me out, because I much rather have a Shiny Pidgey than a Shiny Plusle. Oh and not even a minute later, a Shiny Bronzor spawned. So I saw the sparkles three times in three minutes! (But only caught two)


And I caught 200 Pidgey, without getting any shiny…


For me it was the first click (during the Spotlight Hour at least). :sweat_smile:



From Remote Raid


My Shiny luck has been great since the end of March. :heart_eyes: I have gotten a lot of Shinies I really wanted, too. Now I can finally complete the Shiny Aron family, as this is my third one. I have also gotten at least one Shiny per day for NINE days in a row now. :sweat_smile::scream:




Another one of these.
The wife won’t be happy as she desperately wants a few more to complete the Shiny evolutions.
I’m still yet to evolve Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolten. Might have enough spares now to roll the lottery.


I had just finished sorting the evening’s catches and was ready to head home when a Skarmory spawned just across the street… Finally got the shiny!