Post your NEWEST shiny



Was the first hatch of the day, was really happy to find this lil guy


In office at work.


Caught this waste-of-space in my Coco Pops this morning :roll_eyes:
I hope the Professor likes wearing pink fur coats, ‘cos this one is going straight in the grinder :smirk:




Better late than never :flushed:



Nice one Kanga :grin::+1:

Anyhoo, in a parallel universe I spent the day with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr strolling around Sefton Park - but instead I safari-ed in my lounge…

10 shinies + 1 (caterpie) from last night.
The highlights for me were tentacool (2) and anorith which are new to me… and of course the brand-new-to-everyone Chinchou (2).
Also got 21 unown - letters L-I-V-E-R-P-O. Relicanth was a dex filler, new hat Pikachu and red-stripe basculin.
Very pleased :grin::star_struck::grin:🥳


YES! First shiny since Rhyhorn community day with @Autofan1985. Finally I have the yellow flying squirrel. Definitely evolving this to everyone’s favourite ferret pokemon, furret!


Fourth Sentret click! I can now get my Candy Cane.

Shiny Rates are definitely boosted. Wild spawns might also have a boosted Shiny rate, as I’ve gotten two Shinies from the wild already, and there’s still three hours to go.


While just about everyone was reporting multiple Shiny during incense day I came up with 0 in the smidge over 2hrs I could effectively play due to a Go Plus problem.
I did however get a Shiny Eevee the night before and a Shiny Alolan Rat 10mins again.
I’ll post pics much later tonight when at work.


Two more Incense Sentrets.


This one was actually a wild spawn, so I’m not certain if it’s full odds or boosted odds.

This wild Oddish should also follow the 1/450 Shiny rate.

Got this from the last Incense, that lasted slightly longer than the last hour because I had activated it too late, but I’m honestly glad I have done so! :grin:

If I exclude the Sentrets, my Long Searched Finally Found Shiny Streak is still alive. Both Oddish and Zigzagoon were eluding me as well. Although I haven’t found THAT many Oddish, I did click on a lot of them when they had a higher Shiny rate but never got the odd-ish Oddish.

So in short, no the Incense Day wasn’t a bad event.


All the shinies I got during the Incense Event. Two of them were not from Incense.


Main acct shinies from incense event:



Secondary acct shinies from incense event:


Finally got around to posting them.


I have 2 or 3 to post here. One yesterday and one about 5 days ago.


My results of sundays Liverpool safari zone (hat Pikachu was the first, 58 total).

Edit: my GF had 41, even though we spent the full event together, seeing all the same wild spawns. She did get a 100% shiny dratini though.


Fifth click!

Also, my Long Searched Finally Found Shiny Streak has broken now.



From the 7 day Quests
Be nice to get a usable IV one of these for a change.