Post your NEWEST shiny



After going 0 from 24 on Shiny Marrill Scrapping Day I was about to smash my phone with a brick 🧱.

So I went for a calm-me-down walk around the garden and on my 18th lap of the lawn this hatched…

Phew! My shineless streak is finally over… :grin:


Everyone is so lucky lol

My most recent shiny is from the rhyhorn community day :joy::sweat_smile:


Went for a ride on the bike around the streets near home for a couple of hours (we are not on forced lock down but have restrictions on gatherings of no more than 2 people unless members are living together than it can be more).
Found this Go Plus surprise on clean up.


Nice Teddi there. I look forward to the day my GoPlus finally finds anything remarkable, whether rare, shiny, hundo or zero


Another one. I think I can kiss getting any of the other Shinies in this event goodbye.


Sulfurous Eggs!!! Whoooooooop!!! :star_struck:🥳 (So nice they deserve 2 photos)


Caught this morning on my way to work.


Almost a century egg lol


Curried eggs


i’ve caught 22 shinies during this easter event so far, but no egg yolk as my GF and i call this shiny.
600+ checks for me, somewhat less for my GF

Consider me jealous.


Congratulations on the 22 shinies. Amazing windfall.


This is my best week in my life.I dont where my luck comes from but i think i am the luckiest person alive.5 days ago i posted how i got 3 shinies. Since then i got 7 more.Yes SEVEN in 4days. I hatched a shiny Pichu and another Riolu. I got another shiny Chansey from quest and a shiny Alolan Exeggutor from field research. The Patrat, Marill and Flower hat Pikachu is from the wild. Anybody has ever had this much luck? (10shinies in 5day)


Wow, nothing for me, up to now.


I finally got an event Shiny after I don’t know how many hours and clicks. Will share it soon.


Not sure HOW MANY event Pokémon I have checked, but I FINALLY got an event Shiny, and also the one that made me go out for a few hours every day, as I could just not find its Shiny during both its Community Days. :smiley:


After 3 weeks of nothing, I caught this in just 5 days.


Caught at home practicing social distancing.


I didn’t post since my second Marill, and I do have several mons to show off :grin:

This little puppy was found on monday during our evening walk… :star_struck::heart_eyes:

Especially yesterday has been a great day shiny-wise…
Still in bed I clicked my first Pokémon of the day… My first ever shiny Pikachu with a hat :star_struck:

Less than 2 hours later my first egg of the day hatched (Adventure Sync works well for walking around in the house)
There it is: shiny Riolu! Really didn’t expect to get this.


Again NO event Shinies, but today’s last walk did pay off! I decided to go out for another five hours, trying to get a second event Shiny. That never happened, but I FINALLY got my favorite Shiny! (Kabuto):star_struck::star_struck: And Meowth, too! Another one that kept eluding me! The 8 most recent Shinies I’ve gotten all were ones that kept eluding me :rofl:. (Mr. Mime, Aipom, Ekans, Sentret, Omanyte, Mareep, Meowth & Kabuto.) Which one’s next?


Was too busy yesterday to post the previous nights and yesterday mornings catches both at home.
That’s the second green Rock Snake I’ve caught at home.