Post your NEWEST shiny



Same. I have never played so little as I did this week.


Just ****** typical. The event ends and within a day I get a random that I already have plenty of :roll_eyes:.


Another Shiny I had been searching for very long! They are slowly coming now.


I envy your good fortune. Too bad it bums you out.

I’ve chased every Patrat I can see for over 7 months in vain hope of finding my 2nd shiny one.


My last four Shinies all were ones that kept eluding me (Mr. Mime, Aipom, Sentret, Omanyte)… What will be the next one? Zigzagoon? Mareep? Kabuto? (Alolan) Geodude? Sableye? Female Nidoran? Spoink? Perhaps Snorunt? If only it would be any of these…


And another :roll_eyes:


I promise I’ll post a shiny as soon as I get one… it’s been nearly 2 weeks now… I keep checking, but the sofa-spawned shinies seem to have completely dried up :disappointed:.
Still nice to see everybody else’s though :grinning::+1:


Hoping this one will finally score me a Rufflet, because I don’t keep the event Shinies if they can’t evolve.


So in 4hours i just got 3 shinies.Chansey from quest,Riolu hatched from 2km, and Marill caught in the wild. Its my best day of my life.Happy easter people! :blush:


How can a dex-entry-only Pikachu land you a Rufflet? I’ve never seen one of them, except as the chosen buddy for several game friends, so I’d love to score one (or more), too.

Nice trio there, @LenChee!


Where I’m from, we have a lot of collectors of Shiny “Hat” Pokemon. I traded one for an Unown before. I’m hoping someone has had better luck with GO Battle League than I have in encountering Rufflet so I’m hoping.


Nice to see that a gay guy like me can still pick up hot chicks.


I can’t remember when I caught my last shiny before this one… It has been a while…
This is great :heart_eyes:


Very cute, I want


This popped last night.
IV is disappointing as it’s no good for Dust spend and spread is all wrong for PvP too but who cares it’s Shiny.



Marill Battle day FTW - another! My shiny livingdex is growing! (Won’t be evolving this yet, though… Maybe I can snatch another, even better one?)


Was hoping for event Pokemon. Got this instead.


first go league win and this one appears.


OMG! Lucky research reward! :star_struck: :four_leaf_clover: :sparkles: