Post your NEWEST shiny



Sudowoodo does spawn here and there, but definitely not as much as Voltorb, Aipom and Foongus. The Croagunk rather hide themselves, though. Also, congrats on your Shiny Aipom!


True, doubt I’ll be able to find sudowoodo since it’s not spawning as much as foongus. I think that I’m getting lucky with crogunk since it’s cloudy weather here


Croagunk does spawn here.


Wild encounter, or photobomb?


Wild encounter



And thanks – some on our local Discord have been saying the shinies for Croagunk and Aipom are currently available only through their photobomb, which we can do up to 5 times a day. Nice to hear we don’t just get 5 chances a day to miss the shiny.


I think they have said only Aipom and Croagunk gotten through Photobombs can be Shiny on the map. You can also get Shiny Aipom or Croagunk in the wild, but these won’t appear Shiny on the map so you’ll still have to click on them all.



I got it from the raid! :star_struck: :sparkles: :four_leaf_clover:


I forgot that was not shiny-capable. LOL


Doesn’t seem to be a high amount of Shiny posts like there normally is during an event.
I’m keeping to my usual 0 for the featured Pokémon.


Don’t even have it. Lol


The Shinies appear to be boosted, even. I heard Croagunk follows a 1/250 Shiny rate, and is has also been said Sudowoodo follows a 1/150 rate but I don’t believe that.


No Shiny’s in over 1000 catches and even more checked this events.


During this event, I have played as much as I usually do on one single day. It’s been years since I didn’t want to go out for a walk. The last time was maybe in the beginning of 2017? That’s how bad this event is.

Maybe I’m not the only one who hates this event, or a lot of us have to stay at home. @NotanotherKangaskhan


How’s that possible? :open_mouth:


Isn’t it only from raids?


You can get it from 10km eggs, too.


I’ve checked around 1000 crogunk and around 400 Sudo, no shinies. And I’m really tired of seeing voltorbs and Poke shrooms everywhere


Today in “wrong” shinies…