Post your NEWEST shiny



Yeah I just thought it was a new lure module that I haven’t learned about


I heard Shiny Drowzee seems to be one of the rarer Shinies, but for me he’s now going to have a place on the ‘why-do-I-keep-getting-these-in-Shiny list’ I think.


My first! :grinning:


I have none, …


Me, neither.

Hopefully you also have none when it comes to the virus of the day, amigo. Our news reports that Spain is the latest major covid hotspot in the world. I wish continued health and patience to you and yours.

And maybe a Drowzee shiny when the lockdown lets up.


I hope the same for you. Typical for news in every country… here they paint the badest future for USA.
Only the future will show, so let’s play and hope the best.


More green, more Psychic, and finally a Shiny I wanted! Now I have the Mime family complete, too! :star_struck:


So someone told us there was another place in the neighborhood that was good to hunt for Pokémon, so we decided to take a look, and it turned out to be awesome indeed, but also it turned out to be a small Teddiursa nest. My friend got the Shiny Teddy in two clicks. He also has the Baltoy, the lucky dude! :yum: I hope he wants to trade this to me. I must have some interesting Pokémon for him.

The forum doesn’t let me share more than this, unfortunately.


I thought this was your third shiny in 2 days haha (would have been awesome), happy for your friend!


No, it isn’t. But the Mr. Mime is my fourth Shiny in three days though. :wink:


Trading plans have already been made btw, but the trade is not going to happen as long as the Teddiursa nest is there.


That actually makes me curious where that Teddiursa nest is. Or will it change again tomorrow? Lost track of the nest migrations.


I’m not sure if it’ll change. I’ll be there again today, so I’ll see if it still is there. But it should still be there.


migration is tommorow idd. (long live event timer apps)


There were a lot of Swinub now.

I also know a Charmander nest and a Hippopotas nest, and these are not yet gone, though.


Edit: My 400th Shiny! And really one I wanted, too!

Niantic is the best in fooling us. At first I thought there would be a complete month without events, then they announced one, and in fact it’s not an event, but a stimulation to stay at home. Seriously, what a trash event. :rofl: If it wasn’t with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, this would definitely have been the worst event we’ve had in 2019-2020. Even the red Pokémon event was better!

I’m done for this event now though, because I didn’t have Aipom yet and it is basically the only Shiny we can get from this event, as Sudowoodo, Gastly & Croagunk don’t really spawn. It‘s almost an Aipom/Voltorb/Foongus Community Day, but without Shinies (except Aipom, but the Shiny rate isn’t boosted for him, anyway).

Just realized I’m also on a 4-day Shiny Steak now.


How’d you get your shiny Aipom – photobomb? I have had Aipom and Croagunk photobomb; but no shiny, yet. It seems like a once-a-day shiny chance, not a prolific-spawning shiny chance (which is what community day gives us). PS: love those shiny steaks :yum: - I had one for dinner last night with some cheesy potatoes and garlic bread…


I get that. They are just so delicious!


Sorry for the joke at your expense… I have a feeling that by the time we’re done with this doggone stay-at-home stuff it’s going to get mighty silly around here, and maybe a little testy, too. I’m glad to be able to bounce off this good gang while we’re stuck inside (with this semi-lame event)!


I’ve seen lots of crogunk and sudowoodo spawns here. Granted I’m on “vacation” in Utah so back home in Cali the spawns might be worse. Popped a lure and got tons of gastly that spawned.

Finally caught my shiny Aipom though!!