Post your NEWEST shiny



Allready traded my 3rd away with my friend for a shiny Budew. This became a random lucky 89% and his Heatran became exactly the same as my 2127 one.


Fourth taillow yesterday #wrongshizzle
Also 16th eevee - no picture, couldn’t be bothered :confused:


Miserable wet day here in the UK but recompense came in the shape of a shiny shellduffer.
As it was my second (from 1714 encounters) I immediately enrolled it into the Blue Cloyster Cult :grinning:


Haven’t seen this one since its Community Day…a year ago.


Hatched this one.


Every time I click on a Tailow, @celery , I hope to see green and orange. Nice catch.

Lots of weather-boosted Heatran this last week, but my first shiny one last night was not:



Raided Heatran once this evening and was overjoyed to get a double shiny.


After 3,5 times its own Shiny rate, I finally, or Shinally, got my Shiny Scyther!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:I wasn’t even looking when I encountered it. :sweat_smile: I still can’t believe it!




5th time for both of these… :man_facepalming:


Getting my first shiny Onix seemed to take forever. Got my fourth this morning from completing a field research task. Couldn’t coax it to produce the spiral sparkles for a screen shot, though, and finally gave up after a dozen tries…


Was actually searching for Shiny Kabuto, because I know a good Kabuto nest, but this one is a nice one, either. :grin:


Two shinies literally back-to-back.


And then my first Alolan Shiny!


It is definitely the year of the rat! My seventh… sheesh!:confused:




Second shiny Koffing came as a total surprise this morning, unlike the first (six months ago) – when I was strongly hoping to see the sickly green every time I clicked on a Koffing. (So while my reaction to the first was something like, “It’s about dang time!” this time was more like, “Oh, neat!”)


Did a few raids today and got another pair of shiny Latias. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: