Post your NEWEST shiny



Second shiny Koffing came as a total surprise this morning, unlike the first (six months ago) – when I was strongly hoping to see the sickly green every time I clicked on a Koffing. (So while my reaction to the first was something like, “It’s about dang time!” this time was more like, “Oh, neat!”)


Did a few raids today and got another pair of shiny Latias. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



Would it be possible to get a shadow shiny stantler with bells during the Christmas event?


Not shadow. But shiny with bells yes.


The first of 2 alolan vulpix opened. The other one is for tomorrow.


We’ll just gloss over my sixth shiny Mimey…

…and move on to the happier news that whilst taking a stroll around a local lake this afternoon Mrs. celery, the cat and I each caught a shiny baby Gary (my third so far).


Finally, but did it really have to have 10CP? :sweat_smile:


@celery, can’t I get a small glimp of you Pukey Clown Luck? :sweat_smile:



@Jormdeworm I hereby confer on you my pukey clown good luck…:crossed_fingers:
And whilst I’m passing along unwanted gifts @vorgriff3 you can have all my future shiny taillows in perpetuity with my sincere blessing…
Got my fifth today :roll_eyes:



Thank you. :grin: Do you want some new Shiny Pokémon luck back?


And for a friend:


the 10cp shinies are collectibles within collectibles, i know people who actually collect those.


I wanted a Shiny Watchog, but I am not going to evolve a Level 1 Shiny Patrat.


If you need shiny Patrats: let me know. Caught 6 of them.


I’m not a massive Tailow/Swellow fan, but it does have an amazing shiny.


Been over a year since I saw one.


Just over 500 catches in the last 3 days and all I have to show for it is: