Post your NEWEST shiny




There is a metal alloy that is that green-gold color that isn’t rusted. It’s called electrum, and it’s a natural alloy of gold and silver with trace amounts of copper and other metals. It’s often simply referred to as “green gold” in the jewelry industry.


First raid of 2020


I think my phone was jealous, as it started to do whatever itself as soon as I clicked on this Squirtle. I had almost lost the Squirtle, but still managed to catch it. Phew. :grinning:




0 for 8 shiny in Heatran raids today; but I did catch my third one of these.


First shiny this decade, but at least it’s a good ‘un…

…Stolen off Sierra and bad to the bone :skull_and_crossbones:️:grinning:


On my way to the raid hour on Wednesday I got this pink elephant :star_struck:
Of course this meant no shiny Heatran for me… But I’ll hunt on…


My first shiny in 2020! :star_struck: It’s my second shiny Shellder, but I’m glad because I like both shiny Shellder and Cloyster and now I can have them both!


Allready traded my 3rd away with my friend for a shiny Budew. This became a random lucky 89% and his Heatran became exactly the same as my 2127 one.


Fourth taillow yesterday #wrongshizzle
Also 16th eevee - no picture, couldn’t be bothered :confused:


Miserable wet day here in the UK but recompense came in the shape of a shiny shellduffer.
As it was my second (from 1714 encounters) I immediately enrolled it into the Blue Cloyster Cult :grinning:


Haven’t seen this one since its Community Day…a year ago.


Hatched this one.


Every time I click on a Tailow, @celery , I hope to see green and orange. Nice catch.

Lots of weather-boosted Heatran this last week, but my first shiny one last night was not:



Raided Heatran once this evening and was overjoyed to get a double shiny.


After 3,5 times its own Shiny rate, I finally, or Shinally, got my Shiny Scyther!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:I wasn’t even looking when I encountered it. :sweat_smile: I still can’t believe it!