Post your NEWEST shiny



Accidentally pressed it while making a screenshot


That’s gotta be really rear


From Weekly Research. My first :neutral_face:


Forgot to post this 3 days ago


Got this little fella the last place I stopped on the way home.


Minun is the “Cheering Pokémon”… who knew?!? Anyhoo, I was just as pleased to get a picture of the sparkles as I was to grab the critter. :crazy_face:


Was a little slow in getting the sparkles.


I know quite a few people probably caught Shiny Entei, so here’s a video of the best one of three I caught:





First spinda I have encountered in months.


I really want that Spinda! But it’s allready hard to even find a quest for it!


The tasks seem to be more common. I have found three this month as of yet, where I couldn’t find any last two months. The funniest was that I found two Spinda tasks in a row last week.


Today there are 3 Spinda quests in my village, which probably is a new record indeed.


I haven’t stumbled across one yet.
Plenty being reported on our Discord and some a chasing them hard.
I couldn’t care less about one tbh. Quest is too consuming to worry about it.


About time I would say


While this isn’t my first shiny Growlithe; she may be my best so far.


Not a shiny but a 15 ATK 8 DEF 14 HP at LV. 33


In this topic you have to post Shinies, not a Ralts that has ‘good’ IV’s.