Post your NEWEST shiny



More wrong shinies!


Conversely I’m on Seen 2855 Caught 1437 for 0 Shiny.
The Go Plus doesn’t do well with these and a large majority of those Dust offs are from Go Plus use.


Wow, congrats for that shiny Anorith, @kRe!

The dinner hour was busy with lots of walking and seven Cresselia raids, and both of my trainers got one over 90 IV and one shiny:

As I got back to my car a wild Shuckle spawned nearby, so I went for it, and it was a nice final touch to a good day.


No pic to put atm.
1/64 on Lileep.


Every shiny is the right shiny.


I had just caught my first and only Shiny Lileep :joy:

How Many Years to Level 40

Now we’re talking.


1/61 on Lileep
1/125 on Anorith



A second one, with sparkles this time.


Damn, already?



Evolve that sucker make him a gold snake


Number 2. They seem to be coming in pairs.


My best shiny Slaking


And a shiny Caterpie!



Highlight of Community Day was this Raid:


Nice, @Branebs! That Caterpie is near the top of the list of shinies that I’ve been seeking.