Post your Giratina



Post your Giratina.

Post your Origin-Form Giratina Catches!

No way never seen that before lucky


1st raid i seen. :smiling_imp:


oh yeah!


A postman in a second but has anyone else had problems when my friend powered up his it dropped by 500 CP has anyone else had this happen


Now that’s a beauty to behold!



i havent powered mine up. Maybe it has something to do with origin form or rebalancing :man_shrugging:t5:


What IV @Cup @5GodLink


75 iv


86 iv


My Bf capture a Giratina at cp of 2477 but later it dropped to cp 1998.
What could have made his cp lvl dropped?


Left for work real early today to do a few Giratina. Got 5 done before I started having Network Error. That lasted a good 40mins and all opportunity to get 2 more done that were close together was lost before the Error problem started.
My luck with these is just as good as the Cat.
All 5 low end CP, caught 3, 2 runners.


Possibility of the weather change during the catch.


This is not off to a good start. Another 4 done today catching 3. All poor IV again.


Not too bad her. Good and bad ones.


Not bad here too


You been powering them up already?


If you get one over 2100 do not power it up it will drop


My first one!