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Pokemon GO Stats:
ATK: 299
STA: 244
DEF: 222

Pokemon GO moves: Thunder Shock, Poison Jab, *Super Chop (fast),
Wild Charge, Sludge Bomb, Dynamic Punch,

*more info below

Design: Has three tails, the reason due to its Poison typing is due to the sacs on its cheeks containing Electrifying poison, Scientists are trying to find out if this Pokemon is related to Raichu, since they look somewhat similar. Scientists are considering changing its typing from Electric and Poison to Fighting and Poison, but a couple of people are saying making it a Poison/Electric/Fighting type, it also isnt exactly the best in Electric attacks, since when trainers catch them, it isnt directed at Electric attacks, focusing on Fighting and Poison attacks, this is still unclear why this is the case.

Super Chop, a Fighting type fast move that does 20 damage, having a 22.3 DPS, and has a 450 MS damage window, faster then Bite, this will make it the best Fighting type attacker, even thought it doesnt have a Fighting typing.

Would you rather a Pokemon with a

  • Grass type
  • A pokemon based on me

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I will probably make it on March 1st, so make sure to vote, it will close on Feb 26th, nine days from now!


It don’t matter no one judges here


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alright, it is grass type


I return to the fanmade thread … lol


Hummingbird Pokemon

Type: Flying/Fairy
Ht: 1’0"
Wt: 3 lbs
Abilities: Big Pecks, Hustle

Fluxie are common bird Pokemon who appear in warmer seasons. Once only seen in the wilderness, Fluxie have adapted to city life since so many trainers have set up nectar feeders to lure them. Fluxie cannot resist nectar, honey, or any other sweet substance and can even become pests during extremely hot weather. With their hyper sense of smell, Fluxie will frequently fly through open windows and into homes if they smell sweet scents.

Fluxie are based off of small hummingbirds. Their name is a combination of the words “flutter” and “pixie”.


HP: 30
AT: 55
DEF: 25
SA: 60
SD: 50
SPD: 80
Total: 310

… at level 40, Fluxie evolve into …


Ruby Throat Pokemon

Type: Flying/Fairy
Ht: 2’3"
Wt: 26 lbs
Abilities: Big Pecks, Hustle, Own Tempo

While Fluxie are social Pokemon who inhabit urban areas, Rubyfae tend to shy away from them. Heading back to the wilderness where Fluxie originated, Rubyfae would rather spend their time searching for nectar and honey from flowers and bees than from humans and trainers. Rubyfae are lightning fast and can hover in mid-air. When they do this, their wings appear to be invisible, which makes them difficult to see or catch. Seeing a Rubyfae in the wild is said to grant you good luck.

Rubyfae are based off of ruby throated hummingbirds. Their name is a combination of “ruby” and “fae”, which is another word for fairy. Rubyfae are the second fastest Pokemon in my dex.


HP: 70
AT: 80
DEF: 65
SA: 105
SD: 80
SPD: 135
Total: 535


Fairy: Charm, Moonblast, Baby Doll Eyes, Dazzling Gleam, Disarming Voice, Fairy Wind
Flying: Peck, Drill Peck, Air Cutter, Roost, Acrobatics, Hurricane
Normal: Razor Wind, Quick Attack, Swift, Sing, Supersonic, Recover, Feint


Really enjoying this thread - exceptional work VanHoolll!
Let’s hope the new critters in Sword and Shield are as creative and well thought-out as these.:+1::smile:


Thank you!

I’m glad you like them because I don’t think I’ll run out any time soon. lol


Decided to stay in tonight and draw made up Pokemon. Expect several tonight. :joy:


Sun Bear Pokemon

Type: Fire
Ht: 2’6"
Wt: 35 lbs
Abilities: Blaze, Cute Charm

Suncub is a small bear Pokemon who are only seen in warmer seasons. They spend the majority of their day basking in the sun, which replenishes their energy. Suncub hate the cold and will become ill if they are in lower temperatures for too long. Even in the cold though, if they get enough direct sunlight, they can survive just fine for awhile.

Suncub are based on Malaysian sun bear cubs. It’s basic design is actually based on someone else’s. It’s about 70% mine. lol


HP: 50
AT: 70
DEF: 50
SA: 50
SD: 50
SPD: 60
Total: 320

… at level 36 and in a warm season, Suncub evolves into …


Solar Bear Pokemon

Type: Fire/Dark
Ht: 7’1"
Wt: 450 lbs
Abilities: Anger Point, Blaze, Drought

Heliomaul is an irritable Pokemon who should be avoided at all costs in the wild. Despite the cute nature of Suncub, trainers should be very careful when evolving one as Heliomaul are very unpredictable Pokemon with bad attitudes. Due to it’s aggressive nature, it exhausts itself pretty quickly and will need sunlight to replenish itself. The angrier it gets, the more the fiery mane on it’s back flares and orange patterns on it’s body glow.

Heliomaul is based on a variety of black bears: sun bears, sloth bears, and Asian black bears. It’s name is a combination of “helio”, which is a term for the sun and “maul”.


HP: 100
AT: 100
DEF: 80
SA: 90
SD: 85
SPD: 80
Total: 535


Dark: Bite, Crunch, Sucker Punch, Nasty Plot, Hone Claws, Snarl
Fighting: Rock Smash
Fire: Fire Punch, Fire Spin, Burn Up, Fire Fang, Flamethrower, Ember
Normal: Cut, Pound, Headbutt, Roar, Body Slam, Strength, Skull Bash, Slash


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Another one …


Shy Bunny Pokemon

Type: Normal
Ht: 1’0"
Wt: 10 lbs
Abilities: Fur Coat, Quick Feet

Shrabbit are common Pokemon who can be seen in just about any environment. Extremely distrustful, Shrabbit will run at the first sign of a trainer or other Pokemon. If it isn’t caught with the first ball, it will always successfully flee. Once caught, however, Shrabbit can become very loyal Pokemon since their trust is so difficult to obtain.

Shrabbit are based on baby rabbits. Their name is a combination of the words “shy” and “rabbit”.


HP: 25
AT: 30
DEF: 40
SA: 30
SD: 25
SPD: 70
Total: 220

… at level 20, Shrabbit evolves into …


Jackrabbit Pokemon

Type: Normal
Ht: 4’1"
Wt: 45 lbs
Abilities: Fur Coat, Quick Feet

Leapalope are playful and friendly Pokemon who enjoy the company of both humans and other Pokemon. Leapalope like to ram each other for fun, seeing who can succeed at knocking the other over. Since it’s pre-evolution, Shrabbit, is so abundant, Leapalope are a common Pokemon for young trainers.

Leapalope are based on a juvenile rabbit with antlers. It’s name is a combination of “leap” and “jackalope”.


HP: 60
AT: 50
DEF: 60
SA: 40
SD: 40
SPD: 80
Total: 330

… by using a Mystical Antler, Leapalope evolves into …


Jackelope Pokemon

Type: Normal/Steel
Ht: 6’6"
Wt: 175 lbs
Abilities: Fur Coat, Quick Feet, Lightning Rod

Antalloy are an extremely rare Pokemon that were thought to be a myth for several centuries. It wasn’t until the discovery of the rare item known as the Mystical Antler that it was confirmed to in fact be real. Once upon a time, charlatans would attach antlers to various rabbit Pokemon and claim they had found a real Antalloy, only to eventually be revealed to be scam artists. Some trainers go their entire lives without ever seeing an Antalloy.

Antalloy are based on the mythical Jackelope. It’s name is a portmanteau of the words “antler” and “alloy”.


HP: 85
ATT: 110
DEF: 95
SA: 60
SD: 85
SPD: 110
Total: 545


Fairy: Charm
Ground: Dig
Normal: Tackle, Guillotine, Swords Dance, Headbutt, Fury Attack, Focus Energy, Tri Attack, Fake Out
Steel: Iron Defense, Gyro Ball, Mirror Shot, Iron Head, Autotomize, Heavy Slam, Smart Strike, Flash Cannon


Ursabear, the Grass Bear Pokemon, and the Evolution of Ursaring, it is a Normal/Grass type.
Pokemon GO moves:
Quick Attack, Razor Leaf, Hidden Power (fast)
Solar Beam, Body Slam, Dragon Claw, Close Combat, X-Scissor, Rock Slide (charged)

Legacy: Psychic, Flamethrower (4/29/2019)

Added: Dragon Breath (4/29/2019)

Unlike Ursaring, it is very calm, and does not like to attack, but when it does, it is very dangerous, but it doesn’t mind when other pokemon or people come into its territory, it only minds when other Ursabear come into its territory, but they just ignore each other, but they are annoyed. Infact, it shares it good with other pokemon ur people that are hungry. It does not raid Combee’s hives and instead works a deal with them, like Food for their honey. It is able to sense good and evil, and have been sighted attacking people apart of Team Rocket and other evil organizations.

Pokemon GO Stats
ATK: 250
DEF: 247
STA: 274

Updated Pokedex Info: Elesludger has been found to be related to Raichu, as they seem to be very friendly towards each other.

What Pokemon do you want next?

  • Water/Dragon Type
  • A made up Mega Evolution
  • A Pokemon based off of me

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It closes on March 10th! Make sure to vote!


Still cranking them out this weekend.

The Pokemon community has several fans who strongly dislike Pokemon based on inanimate objects, so some will HATE this next one. When creating my dex though, I tried to stick with usual themes from previous dex, so here is my first “inanimate object” entry …


Satellite Pokemon

Type: Steel/Electric
Ht: 1’6"
Wt: 20 lbs
Abilities: Levitate, Lightning Rod

Orbelite are rare Pokemon who spend the overwhelming majority of the time floating high above the clouds. Fascinated by technology, Orbelite will only lower itself close to the surface out of curiosity. This causes many Orbelite to be found at observatories and labs that are situated in higher altitudes. Some theorize that Orbelite are not from this world, but might be closely related to Magnemite, though this has never been proven.

Orbelite is based on small satellites. It’s name is a portmanteau of the words “orbit” and “satellite”.


HP: 30
AT: 30
DEF: 80
SA: 90
SD: 65
SPD: 55
Total: 350

… at level 40 or higher, and leveling up in higher altitudes (mountains), Orbelite evolves into …


Orbital Pokemon

Type: Steel/Electric
Ht: 3’6"
Wt: 260 lbs
Abilities: Levitate, Lightning Rod, Analytic

Astrosphere are never seen in the wild as they will always remain in the upper atmosphere and see no reason to ever come down. Their four “arms” are always rotating on it’s round body and it is always on the move, circling the planet repeatedly. Just as curious as their pre-evolutions about technology, Astrosphere prefer to listen and observe from afar.

Much like Orbelite, Astrosphere is based on a satellite as well, just a larger version. It’s name is a combination of “astro-”, a prefix for space and “sphere” for it’s round body. “Sphere” also is in relation to the terms “stratosphere” and “atmosphere”.


HP: 70
AT: 80
DEF: 110
SA: 130
SD: 85
SPD: 70
Total: 545


Electric: Thunder Shock, Zap Cannon, Thunder Wave, Charge, Volt Tackle, Wild Charge, Ion Deluge, Paraboilic Charge
Normal: Slam, Tackle, Swift, Supersonic, Sonic Boom
Steel: Iron Defense, Gyro Ball, Metal Burst, Flash Cannon, Heavy Slam, Magnet Bomb


Posting a few more in the next day or two when I get time. Until then, here is my dex so far:

  1. Folianid - Bug/Grass

  2. Arachnibush -Bug/Grass

  3. Snowy-poly - Bug/Ice

  4. Cubeipede - Bug/Ice

  5. Scubeetle - Bug/Water

  6. Hydrowhip - Bug/Water

  7. Oreworm - Bug/Ground

  8. Olisary - Bug/Ground

  9. Wormiad - Bug/Ground

  10. Larvacopter - Bug/Flying

  11. Scimisect - Bug/Steel

  12. Samuflai - Bug/Poison

  13. Quailing - Normal

  14. Quailant - Normal/Flying

  15. Quailhawk - Normal/Flying

  16. Lashrat - Normal

  17. Stomprat - Normal/Fighting

  18. Dunemew - Ground

  19. Purraoh - Ground/Psychic

  20. Shrabbit - Normal

  21. Leapalope - Normal

  22. Antalloy - Normal/Steel

  23. Suncub - Fire

  24. Heliomawl - Dark/Fire

  25. Marsupitail - Normal

  26. Hypnossum - Normal/Psychic

  27. Possmortem - Ghost/Psychic

  28. Driftseed - Grass/Fairy

  29. Dandecub - Grass/Fairy

  30. Dandemane - Grass/Fairy

  31. Bluelark - Flying

  32. Frostjay - Flying/Ice

  33. Spoonfowl - Flying/Water

  34. Stiltfowl - Flying/Water

  35. Frybarb -Water

  36. Sawbarb - Water/Steel

  37. Deepmaw - Water

  38. Deeplure - Water/Dark

  39. Angelflage - Water

  40. Discappear - Water

  41. Odontocharge - Water/Dark

  42. Skelefish - Water/Ghost

  43. Cartifin - Water/Ghost

  44. Leviawraith - Water/Ghost

  45. Orble - Rock

  46. Pawnite - Rock

  47. Azureking - Rock/Fighting

  48. Crimsonarch - Rock/Psychic

  49. Cindimp - Fire

  50. Combustump - Grass/Fire

  51. Bonpyre - Grass/Fire

  52. Orbelite - Steel/Electric

  53. Astrosphere - Steel/Electric

  54. Fluxie - Flying/Fairy

  55. Rubyfae - Flying/Fairy

  56. Thermasail - Rock/Fire

  57. Magmadon - Rock/Fire

  58. Hexdawl - Ghost/Fighting

  59. Voodkin - Ghost/Fighting


By type so far:


  1. Water - 14
  2. Bug - 12
  3. Normal - 10
  4. Grass, Flying - 8
  5. Fire - 7
  6. Rock - 6
  7. Ground, Fairy, Steel - 5
  8. Fighting, Psychic, Ghost - 4
  9. Ice, Dark, Steel - 3
  10. Electric - 2
  11. Poison - 1
  12. Dragon - 0

I appear to be lacking a dragon type at this point. :wink:




Fighting type evolutions for Grookey
Grookey–> Combape --> Karangutan

Name origins:
Combat + Ape= Combape
Karate + Orangutan= Karangutan


I return! …


Backstroke Pokemon

Type: Bug/Water
Ht: 1’1"
Wt: 8 lbs
Abilities: Tinted Lens, Own Tempo

Scubeetle are common water bug Pokemon who frequent every body of water on the map. They usually can be found floating on their backs, lazily swimming in circles. They appear to be clumsy Pokemon that bounce off of each other, other Pokemon, and various objects. Don’t be fooled though, Scubeetle can submerge quickly should danger arise and can dive to depths where the pressure would crush other Pokemon.

Scubeetle are based off of backswimmers or oarsman bugs. Their name is a combination of “scuba” and “beetle”.


HP: 35
AT: 60
DEF: 45
SA: 65
SD: 60
SPD: 50
Total: 315

… at level 20, Scubeetle evolve into …


Water Scorpion Pokemon

Type: Bug/Water
Ht: 2’7"
Wt: 25 lbs
Abilities: Tinted Lens, Own Tempo, Sniper

Aquatail are predatory Pokemon and while they resemble scorpions, they are actually not scorpions at all and lack stingers. Their tail is, however, armed with a deadly whip and they have a poisonous bite. Aquatail are not prolific swimmers and prefer to submerge themselves partially underwater, their back half and whip tail on the bank or shore. Their eyes are covered with a protective film so they have perfect vision in any type of water environment. Sitting very still, they grab prey that wander by with their claws, slapping it with their tail into submission.

Aquatail are based on an insect called a water scorpion. Much like Aquatail, they resemble scorpions but are not scorpions at all.


HP: 60
AT: 95
DEF: 70
SA: 100
SD: 90
SPD: 90
Total: 505


Bug: Twineedle, Leech Life, Fury Cutter, Signal Beam, Bug Bite, Lunge
Dark: Crunch
Ground: Mudslap
Poison: Poison Fang
Water: Water Gun, Clamp, Crabhammer, Aqua Ring, Aqua Tail, Dive, Water Spout, Water Sport


Continuing on …


Grass Snake Pokemon

Type: Grass/Poison
Ht: 4’3"
Wt: 10 lbs
Abilities: Shed Skin, Poison Heal

Grasslet are friendly snake Pokemon who are common catches for early trainers. Some theorize that Grasslet actually like being captured and look forward to finding a trainer to train them. Friendly, curious, and extremely affectionate, Grasslet are known to have an affinity for children and will commonly wrap themselves around their arms. Grasslet are hyper common and sturdy, which means they can be found just about anywhere.

Grasslet are based on a common grass snake with a pine cone for a “rattle”. Grasslet is a combination of “grass” and “snakelet”, which is a term for a baby snake.


HP: 30
AT: 65
DEF: 25
SA: 40
SD: 45
SPD: 60
Total: 265

… at level 24, Grasslet evolves into …


Pine Snake Pokemon

Type: Grass/Poison
Ht: 15’ 6"
Wt: 170 lbs
Abilities: Shed Skin, Poison Heal, Wonder Skin

Despite it’s fearsome appearance, Conestrictor is also a very friendly Pokemon who get along well with humans. Conestrictor will voluntarily protect farms and gardens from pests, sometimes whether the owner wants them to or not. Despite it’s docile personality, Conestrictor are not to be trifled with. Armed with a heavy cone on the tip of it’s tail for bludgeoning, sharp teeth, and a potent venom, Conestrictor are fierce combatants.

Conestrictor is based on a mix between a pine snake and a hog-nosed snake, with a large pine cone on it’s tail. It’s name is a combination of “pine cone” and “constrictor”.


HP: 70
AT: 105
DEF: 65
SA: 85
SD: 90
SPD: 110
Total: 515


Dark: Pursuit
Grass: Vine Whip, Frenzy Plant, Sleep Powder, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Spiky Shield, Grass Whistle
Normal: Bind, Vice Grip, Slam, Wrap, Quick Attack, Hyper Fang
Poison: Poison Fang, Gunk Shot, Sludge Bomb, Coil, Venoshock, Cross Poison