Post your fanmade Pokemon


A tie so far. lol


It’s close, but it looks like we might have a winner on the last poll. Until then, here is a Ghost/Water type …


Bone Fish Pokemon

Type: Ghost/Water
Ht: 1’2"
Wt: 6 lbs
Abilities: Battle Armor, Clear Body

Skelefish are reclusive and shy ghost Pokemon who frequent deep sea wreckage and other remote undersea locations. Skelefish give off an eerie aura that reminds larger water Pokemon that Skelefish are not edible and aren’t worth their time. You will rarely ever see a Skelefish in shallow water, which makes them slightly more difficult for trainers to catch than the average fish Pokemon. The only exception is when there is a full moon as Skelefish have an odd attraction to strong moonlight. If the night is clear enough on such nights, Skelefish have an uncanny ability to sense a full moon and can be seen close to the surface. It is said that Skelefish represent the souls of children who have drowned at sea.

Skelefish are based off of fish bones. Their name is a combination of “skeleton” and “fish”.


HP: 15
AT: 30
DEF: 50
SA: 20
SD: 20
SPD: 50
Total: 185

… at level 18, Skelefish evolves into …


Bone Fin Pokemon

Type: Ghost/Water
Ht: 4’6"
Wt: 30 lbs
Abilities: Battle Armor, Clear Body

Unlike Skelefish, Cartifin are extremely social and are known as the pranksters of the sea. Cartifin enjoy scaring fish away from fishermen by their presence alone and will frequently cut fishing lines and try and swallow lures, despite the fact that Cartifin can’t actually eat them. Cartifin are also very playful ghost and have no problem playing with humans, often times pushing beach balls into the air with their snouts, or engaging in water fights. Cartifin are most well known for saving drowning sailors though and many tales are told of schools of them saving people from sinking ships by ferrying them to safety and fending off more malicious ocean Pokemon. It is said that Cartifin represent the souls of those who have died while lost at sea.

Cartifin are based off of fish bones, but resemble a dolphin. Their name is a portmanteau of “cartilage” and “fin”.


HP: 50
AT: 60
DEF: 80
SA: 60
SD: 50
SPD: 75
Total: 375

… at level 36, Cartifin evolves into …


Bone Quill Pokemon

Type: Ghost/Water
Ht: 14’5"
Wt: 280 lbs
Abilities: Battle Armor, Clear Body, Intimidate

Leviawraith are vicious and mean underwater Pokemon who are the scourge of the seas. Even larger Pokemon stay a safe distance away from Leviawraith due to their unpredictable and violent nature. Routinely roaming in small packs of 3-6, Leviawraith will often attack anything in their path, especially humans. Leviawraith have no problem with quietly sneaking up on boats and trying to sink them as they believe humankind has no business in the ocean. It is said that Leviawraith represent those who have met violent deaths while at sea.

Like it’s pre-evolutions, Leviawraith are based on fish bones. Their design is also part lionfish and part piranha. Their name is a portmanteau of “leviathan” and “wraith”.

HP: 90
AT: 100
DEF: 95
SA: 80
SD: 80
SPD: 90
Total: 535


Dark: Bite, Crunch
Dragon: Dragon Rage
Ghost: Spite, Grudge, Astonish, Ominous Wind, Shadow Claw, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball
Ice: Ice Beam, ice Fang
Poison: Poison Fang
Water: Water Gun, Whirlpool, Muddy Water, Aqua Tail, Hydro Cannon, Clamp
Normal: Skull Bash, Slam, Defense Curl


Fire/Grass wins. I have a bonus one I’m posting first, then Fire/Grass will be second … after that, though …

  • Grass/Water
  • Rock/Fire
  • Bug/Fighting

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As promised, bonus Pokemon …


Prehensile Pokemon

Type: Normal
Ht: 2’4"
Wt: 35 lbs
Abilities: Fur Coat, Immunity

Marsupitail are super common mammal Pokemon that are only active at night. Marsupitail are social with other Pokemon and humans alike and enjoy forming a bond with their trainer. You rarely will see a lone Marsupitail in the wild as they often form small communities that stick together. Hyper active at night, Marsupitail sleep all day while hanging from tree branches by their long tail. It is poor form for a trainer to disturb or try and catch a Marsupitail while they are trying to sleep or waiting to catch them just as they wake up. Such tactics are severely frowned upon.

Marsupitail are based on an adolescent possum and their name is a combination of “marsupial” and “tail”.


HP: 45
AT: 20
DEF: 30
SA: 60
SD: 80
SPD: 50
Total: 285

… at level 30, Marsupitail evolves into …


Suggestion Pokemon

Type: Normal/Psychic
Ht: 4’3"
Wt: 160 lbs
Abilities: Fur Coat, Immunity, Insomnia

Unlike Marsupitail, Hypnossum are solitary Pokemon who prefer to be left alone and will go to great lengths to retain their solitary and undisturbed lives. Unless a trainer evolves one, it is next to impossible to see a Hypnossum in the wild as they simply refuse to ever be seen. When stumbled upon, they will use their glowing red eyes and sphere on their tail to cause anyone who has seen them to lose interest in them and wander away. Very little is known about Hypnossum as they have never been naturally studied in the wild.

Hypnossum are bipedal possum. Their name is a combination of “hypnotize” and “possum”.


HP: 80
AT: 55
DEF: 70
SA: 100
SD: 120
SPD: 80
Total: 505


Dark: Dark Pulse, Bite
Fighting: Detect
Normal: Double Slap, Scratch, Leer, Growl, Tail Whip, Headbutt, Disable, Hyper Beam, Quick Attack, Fury Swipe
Poison: Toxic
Psychic: Hypnosis, Confusion, Psychic, Psywave, Magic Coat, Imprison, Extrasensory, Heal Block

New Move:

Play Dead: The Pokemon plays dead, causing it’s opponent to lose interest in attacking it. This lowers the attackers accuracy, crit chance, and speed.

If a Hypossum uses Play Dead over 100 times, it will evolve into …


Play Dead Pokemon

Type: Psychic/Ghost
Ht: 4’0"
Wt: 75 lbs
Abilities: Levitate, Telepathy, Unaware

If a Hypnossum is forced to use their Play Dead ability too many times, they pass away and become a Possmortem. Possmortem haunt forests and other areas where reclusive Pokemon want to be left alone, scaring away any intruders. Possmortem value privacy and are said to be spirits that are avenging the deaths of Hypnossum who were not allowed to live in solitary peace.

Possmortem are based on a dead possum who is “playing dead”. Possmortem is a combination of “possum” and “mortem”, which is Latin for death. Their name is also a play on the term “post mortem”, which is Latin for “after death”.


HP: 60
AT: 60
DEF: 80
SA: 130
SD: 120
SPD: 90
Total: 545

Additional Moves:

Fire: Will-o-Wisp
Ghost: Confuse Ray, Shadow Claw, Hex, Lick, Shadow Sneak, Spite, Shadow Ball
Poison: Toxic


Everything is perfect but the name… too similar to dedenne


I thought about that. lol


Thank you to the folks who follow this thread! It’s definitely a fun project.

Up next:

Bonus Pokemon

After that …

  • Normal -> Normal/Steel
  • Bug -> Bug/Fighting or Bug/Fire
  • Grass/Water

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I think this is the best so far


From two polls ago: Grass/Fire type …


Ember Pokemon

Type: Fire
Ht: 0’8"
Wt: 1 lbs
Abilities: Flame Body, Flash Fire

Cindimp are very small Pokemon who frequent volcanic areas, their flaming bodies able to survive very harsh environments. Eventually, every Cindimp suffers from wanderlust and migrate away from their volcanic homes, heading to forests in search of a special and very rare wood known as Everburn wood. Most never find it, but continue searching regardless very careful not to set forest fires on their quest. Everburn wood is coveted by not only Cindimp but by humans as well since it never fully burns out.

Cindimp are literally embers with arms and a face. Their name is a portmanteau of “cinder” and “imp”.


HP: 40
AT: 60
DEF: 30
SA: 65
SD: 45
SPD: 50
Total: 290

By using Everburn wood, Cindimp evolves into …


Stump Pokemon

Type: Grass/Fire
Ht: 3’0"
Wt: 55 lbs
Abilities: Blaze, Flash Fire

Despite their appearance, Combustump actually protect forests from fires. Now encased in Everburn wood, Combustump keep a watchful eye on fire Pokemon who enter forest areas, making sure their battles don’t damage the environment around them.

Combustump is a stump with arms and a flame inside of it. It’s name is a combination of “combustion” and “stump”.


HP: 75
AT: 70
DEF: 55
SA: 80
SD: 60
SPD: 70
Total: 410

If Combustump levels up near a large volcano, it evolves into …


Everburn Pokemon

Type: Grass/Fire
Ht: 9’3"
Wt: 350 lbs
Abilities: Blaze, Flash Fire, Overgrow

Bonpyre feel that they serve the forest best by burning off portions of it so that more foliage can grow back. Bonpyre prevent forests and other wooded areas from becoming overgrown and wild. Unfortunately, some areas don’t understand this and Bonpyre are seen as a destructive force and put into Pokemon reservations in order to prevent them starting wild fires. Bonpyre are well treated in these reservations, given plenty of trees and other greenery to burn away, satiating it’s desire.

Bonpyre are trees with fire instead of leaves. Bonpyre’s name is a play on the term “bonfire”.


HP: 100
AT: 90
DEF: 75
SA: 100
SD: 80
SPD: 80
Total: 525


Fire: Ember, Flamethrower, Flame Wheel, Flare Blitz, Overheat, Inferno, Heat Crash
Grass: Absorb, Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Solar Beam, Giga Drain, Wood Hammer, Grass Knot, Power Whip, Spike Shield
Normal: Pound, Slam, Tackle, Thrash, Strength, Growth, Harden


Good one


Up next: Bonus Pokemon - two evolution cat Pokemon that every dex seems to have. Ground/Psychic.

After that: Fire/Rock, which is a fossil Pokemon

Then: Bonus Pokemon - 3 evolution Bug/Fighting

Then: Grass/Water, which is currently winning the latest poll. :smiley:



Sand Cat Pokemon

Type: Ground
Ht: 2’ 10"
Wt: 70 lbs
Abilities: Anticipation, Vital Spirit

Dunemew are cat Pokemon who roam in packs in desert climates, playing on sand dunes. While deserts are their top environment, Dunemew can live happily anywhere that there is an abundance of dirt, mud, or sand. Unlike most felines, Dunemew do not groom themselves and instead take great pride in being as dirty as possible. Trainers will rarely let a Dunemew roam free indoors as they will always track mud and dirt everywhere.

Dunemew is a cat. While it is not hairless, it’s design is partially based on an Egyptian hairless cat. The jewel on it’s forehead is an Egyptian scarab beetle.


HP: 60
AT: 75
DEF: 70
SA: 55
SD: 60
SPD: 60
Total: 380

… at level 36, Dunemew evolves into …


Pharaoh Pokemon

Type: Ground/Psychic
Ht: 4’ 0"
Wt: 90 lbs
Abilities: Anticipation, Vital Spirit, Own Tempo

Unlike their pre-evolution, Purraoh despise dirt and will go to great lengths to avoid it. Most Purraoh will in fact spend a lot of time using their psychic abilities to levitate instead of walk. Also unlike Dunemew, Purraoh are solitary Pokemon who dislike the company of other Pokemon entirely. Purroah were often pets of monarchs and rulers in the past and have an affinity for authority figures and those of high status.

Purraoh are also loosely based on Egyptian hairless cats and the mythical Sphynx. It’s name is a combination of “purr” and “pharaoh”.


HP: 80
AT: 95
DEF: 80
SA: 100
SD: 80
SPD: 80
Total: 515


Dark: Pursuit, Taunt
Fairy: Charm
Ground: Sand Attack, Fissure, Dig, Mud Slap, Earthquake, Mud Sport, Spikes
Normal: Scratch, Fury Attack, Tail Whip, Growl, Quick Attack, Hyper Fang
Psychic: Psybeam, Light Screen, Reflect, Future Sight, Rest, Miracle Eye, Psycho Cut, Stored Power



Ice/Psychic type Pokemon

Evolves from Jynx

ATK: 263

DEF: 181

STA: 185

Best Pokemon GO Moveset: Psycho Cut (fast), Psyblast (charged, will provide more info), Shadow Ball (charged)

All Pokemon GO Moves: Psycho Cut, Ice Shard, Rock Smash (fast).

Outrage, Focus Blast, Avalanche, Psyblast, Hyper Beam, Dynamic Punch, Shadow Ball, Disarming Voice, Signal Beam, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Shadow Punch, Fire Punch (charged).

Psyblast is a Psychic type move that does 120 Damage in Pokemon GO costing 50 energy (yes, a 2 bar charged move that does the same amount of damage as Future Sight) and has a 0.48 damage window (yes, better then Hydro Cannon), if WB’ed and has STAB, it will do 345.6 damage cycle power.

It will become the best Ice type AND Psychic type attacker in Pokemon GO, outdoing Mewtwo.


Mega Mewtwo Y be like


Next Pokemon up:

  1. Fire/Rock
  2. Bonus - Bug/Flying -> Bug/Steel or Bug/Poison
  3. Bug -> Bug/Fighting or Bug/Fire
  4. Bonus - Flying -> Flying/Fairy
  5. Bonus - Fire

After that …

  • Normal -> Normal/Steel
  • Grass/Water
  • Electric

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It’s a tie so far! lol


Time for the first fossil Pokemon in my dex …


Sailback Pokemon

Type: Rock/Fire
Ht: 3’6"
Wt: 230 lbs
Abilities: Heatproof, Oblivious

Millions of years ago, Thermasail populated desolate and hot locations that most other ancient Pokemon could not survive in. Extremely slow, Thermasail typically congregated in one (usually volcanic) area and rarely ever migrated away from it. The sail on their backs produce an intense heat that would cause any would be predators to stay away. The heat it generates can turn water into steam and at times can create a near constant mirage effect. Known for being stubborn and not overly intelligent, trainers who have utilized a Basalt Fossil to obtain a Thermasail find them very difficult to train.

Thermasail are based on Dimetrodons. Their name is a combination of “thermal” and “sail” for the sail on it’s back.


HP: 80
AT: 70
DEF: 70
SA: 60
SD: 60
SPD: 35
Total: 375

… at level 39, Thermasail evolves into …


Basalt Pokemon

Type: Rock/Fire
Ht: 6’3"
Wt: 440 lbs
Abilities: Heatproof, Flame Body, Stamina

Magmadon were cantankerous Pokemon who favored volcanic areas, routinely laying in pools of lava with only their snouts and back spikes showing. The spikes on their back were very sharp and could be set ablaze by a Magmadon at will. Slow moving, but with a tough exterior, Magmadon were tough in battle and due to the inhospitable environments that they favored, had no known predators or rivals.

Magmadon are also loosely based on a Dimetrodon. It’s name is a combination of “magma” and the suffix “-don”, which is a common dinosaur suffix.


HP: 115
AT: 90
DEF: 110
SA: 90
SD: 90
SPD: 60
Total: 555


Dark: Bite, Crunch
Dragon: Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor
Fire: Ember, Fire Blast, Heatwave, Sunny Day, Eruption, Overheat, Lava Plume
Normal: Headbutt, Tackle, Skull Bash, Scary Face
Rock: Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Rock Wrecker, Stone Edge, Head Smash, Smack Down



Beetle Larvae Pokemon

Type: Bug/Flying
Ht: 1’3"
Wt: 7 lbs
Abilities: Levitate, Compound Eyes

Larvacopter are one of the most common bug Pokemon that you can find with large swarms of the running wild in all climates and environments. Larvacopter are always flying and never touch the ground, even sleeping while still hovering. Larvacopter are playful bugs who love to be chased.

Larvacopter are beetle larvae with spinning blades on it’s neck. It’s name is a combination of “larvae” and “helicopter”.


HP: 40
AT: 70
DEF: 30
SA: 30
SD: 30
SPD: 75
Total: 305

By using an Edge Stone, Larvacopter will evolve into …


Slicing Pokemon

Type: Bug/Steel
Ht: 3’ 4"
Wt: 80 lbs
Abilities: Compound Eyes, Filter, Guts

Scimisect are very helpful bug Pokemon who use their desire to battle to help humans clear forests and harvest crops. Natural born fighters, Scimisect in the wild frequently attack other Pokemon and will never flee, regardless of the power or size of the opponent. Despite it’s wings, Scimisect cannot fly, but can utilize their wings to dart forward in short bursts, an effect they use with deadly precision.

Scimisect are based loosely on a Japanese scarab beetle and a samurai. Their name is a combination of the words “scimitar” and “insect”.


HP: 60
AT: 130
DEF: 80
SA: 60
SD: 70
SPD: 90
Total: 490


Bug: Bug Bite, Twineedle, Fury Cutter, X-Scissor, Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Lunge, Signal Beam
Flying: Roost, Acrobatics
Normal: Fury Swipes, Cut, Quick Attack
Steel: Metal Sound, Iron Defense, Metal Burst, Doom Desire, Mirror Shot

By using a Venom Stone on a Larvacopter, it will evolve into …


Poison Jab Pokemon

Type: Bug/Poison
Ht: 3’ 8"
Wt: 140 lbs
Abilities: Analytic, Compound Eyes, Infiltrator

Usually appearing at night, Samuflai enjoy sneaking up on unwitting targets and jabbing them multiple times with the six small stingers on their arms. It is not known why Samuflai like to sting both people and Pokemon alike, but they cannot seem to help themselves. Despite their small wings, Samuflai are very clumsy flyers and prefer to just hover low to the ground instead.

Samuflai’s appearance is loosely based on june bugs (also known as june beetles) and a samurai. Their name is a combination of the words “samurai” and a misspelling of the word “fly”.


HP: 70
AT: 80
DEF: 90
SA: 100
SD: 105
SPD: 55
Total: 490


Bug: Bug Bite, Twineedle, Fury Cutter, X-Scissor, Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Lunge, Signal Beam
Normal: Fury Swipes, Cut, Quick Attack
Poison: Poison Jab, Poison Sting, Poison Gas, Venom Drench, Venoshock, Cross Poison


Keep them coming


Oh I will. I have a LOT of these. lol

I’m also nerdy enough to track what I’ve shown so far.

By type, for example:

  1. Water - 12
  2. Bug - 10
  3. Grass - 8
  4. Normal - 7
  5. Flying, Rock - 6
  6. Ground, Fire - 5
  7. Fighting, Psychic, Ghost - 4
  8. Ice, Fairy - 3
  9. Dark, Steel - 2
  10. Poison - 1
  11. Electric, Dragon - 0

By dex number:

  1. Folianid - Bug/Grass

  2. Arachnibush -Bug/Grass

  3. Snowy-poly - Bug/Ice

  4. Cubeipede - Bug/Ice

  5. Oreworm - Bug/Ground

  6. Olisary - Bug/Ground

  7. Wormiad - Bug/Ground

  8. Larvacopter - Bug/Flying

  9. Scimisect - Bug/Steel

  10. Samuflai - Bug/Poison

  11. Quailing - Normal

  12. Quailant - Normal/Flying

  13. Quailhawk - Normal/Flying

  14. Lashrat - Normal

  15. Stomprat - Normal/Fighting

  16. Dunemew - Ground

  17. Purraoh - Ground/Psychic

  18. Marsupitail - Normal

  19. Hypnossum - Normal/Psychic

  20. Possmortem - Ghost/Psychic

  21. Driftseed - Grass/Fairy

  22. Dandecub - Grass/Fairy

  23. Dandemane - Grass/Fairy

  24. Bluelark - Flying

  25. Frostjay - Flying/Ice

  26. Spoonfowl - Flying/Water

  27. Stiltfowl - Flying/Water

  28. Frybarb -Water

  29. Sawbarb - Water/Steel

  30. Deepmaw - Water

  31. Deeplure - Water/Dark

  32. Angelflage - Water

  33. Discappear - Water

  34. Odontocharge - Water/Dark

  35. Skelefish - Water/Ghost

  36. Cartifin - Water/Ghost

  37. Leviawraith - Water/Ghost

  38. Orble - Rock

  39. Pawnite - Rock

  40. Azureking - Rock/Fighting

  41. Crimsonarch - Rock/Psychic

  42. Cindimp - Fire

  43. Combustump - Grass/Fire

  44. Bonpyre - Grass/Fire

  45. Thermasail - Rock/Fire

  46. Magmadon - Rock/Fire

  47. Hexdawl - Ghost/Fighting

  48. Voodkin - Ghost/Fighting

… and many more! I might need a 12 Step Program. :wink: