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Still have a lot to post here! :slight_smile:

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I an going to make a pm so we can collaborate and make pokemon together and when we are finished post them here
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Man, I would but I haven’t had the time to post the ones I’ve already made! lol


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More fish! lol


Angel Fish Pokemon

Type: Water
Ht: 1’0"
Wt: 10 lbs
Abilities: Marvel Scale, Torrent

Angelflage are very rare ocean Pokemon who can hide in plain sight. The colorful blue hues on the scales of an Angelflage can shift and change colors, making it almost impossible to see in water. The colors shift as the Pokemon move, disguising it even as it moves. Angelflage are very friendly and like to startle swimmers and trainers by sneaking up to them.

Angelflage is based off of an angel fish. It’s name is a portmanteau of “angel fish” and “camouflage”.


HP: 40
AT: 40
DEF: 70
SA: 40
SD: 60
SPD: 75
Total: 305

… at level 25, Angelflage evolves into …


Hidden Fish Pokemon

Type: Water
Ht: 4’8"
Wt: 50 lbs
Abilities: Marvel Scale, Torrent

Unlike Angelflage, Discappear are not playful at all and shy away from contact with people and other Pokemon. Discappear prefer to hide in deep water and keep to themselves. In fact, there could be a school of Discappear right by you and you’d never know it. They tend to stay perfectly still and let their shifting scales hide them.

Discappear are based off of disc fish and their name is a play on the word “disappear”.


HP: 70
AT: 65
DEF: 75
SA: 65
SD: 80
SPD: 95
Total: 450

… at level 36 and with a Deep Stone, Discappear evolves into …


Submarine Pokemon

Type: Water/Dark
Ht: 32’ 6"
Wt: 650 lbs
Abilities: Marvel Scale, Intimidate

Unlike it’s pre-evolutions, Odontocharge is not playful or shy but is instead an apex predator. Odontocharge also has shifting scales that camouflage it from it’s prey. It’s preferred method of hunting and feeding is to divebomb from above, swallowing smaller prey in one gulp, and dragging large rprey to the depths. Despite it’s large size, Odontocharge move very quickly in the water which, coupled with their ability to disguise themselves, make them among the deadliest Pokemon in the ocean. Fortunately, Odontocharge are extremely rare.

Odontocharge are based off of sperm whales, mixed with a submarine. “Odontocharge” is a combination of “Odontoceti” which is the scientific term for toothed whales and “charge” which has a dual meaning: to charge forward and for “depth charge” which are explosive devices that are dropped in the ocean to damage subs and other vessels.


HP: 130
AT: 100
DEF: 90
SA: 90
SD: 90
SPD: 110
Total: 510


Dark: Bite, Dark Pulse, Crunch, Pursuit, Quash
Ghost: Shadow Sneak
Normal: Slam, Headbutt, Body Slam, Thrash, Tail whip, Smokescreen, Feint
Water: Surf, Clamp, Dive, Hydro Cannon, Water Sport, Whirlpool


Sounds like a fast, physical Milotic


Yeah, I try and make them as “realistic” as possible. I pick moves based on their stats (usually lol), description, and design.

I base their stats on comparable Pokemon. “Well, it should have higher defense than Pokemon A … but is definitely faster than Pokemon B …” … lol

This one certainly had Milotic as one of it’s comparisons.


Time for some grass types … and fairy … :smiley:


Perennial Pokemon

Type: Grass/Fairy
Ht: 0.03’
Wt: 0.1 lbs
Abilities: Effect Spore, Fairy Aura

Driftseed are common grass/fairy Pokemon, especially in warmer seasons. Driftseed float through the air, letting the wind carry them, dropping seeds as they travel. The seeds grow into new Driftseed, which can cause some countrysides to be overrun with them. Driftseed are common early Pokemon for new trainers.

Driftseed are loosely based on dandelions as they reach their pollination phase.


HP: 20
AT: 10
DEF: 25
SA: 60
SD: 80
SPD: 50
Total: 245

… at level 18, Driftseed evolves into …


Dandelion Pokemon

Type: Grass/Fairy
Ht: 3’6"
Wt: 40 lbs
Abilities: Effect Spore, Fairy Aura

Dandecub are playful and loyal Pokemon that frequent forests and plains everywhere. More common in warmer seasons, Dandecub can be found year round. Dandecub are nearly impossible to tire during daylight hours and can be seen playing all day long. This is due to the effect that sunlight has on their energy level.

Dandecub are a combination of a dandelion and a lion cub. Their name is a portmanteau of “dandelion” and “cub”.


HP: 65
AT: 60
DEF: 50
SA: 70
SD: 90
SPD: 75
Total: 415

… at level 36 and with an energy stone, Dandecub evolves into …


Lion’s Tooth Pokemon

Type: Grass/Fairy
Ht: 6’3"
Wt: 190 lbs
Abilities: Effect Spore, Fairy Aura, Intimidate

Dandemane are protective Pokemon who are fiercely loyal to their trainers as well as the Pokemon in their area. Dandemane are highly adaptable, but prefer forests and plains where they watch over the Pokemon who reside there. Anyone who is a threat to the Pokemon they protect or the land they live on, are an instant enemy to a Dandemane.

Dandemane is a combination of dandelions and an actual lion.


HP: 85
AT: 95
DEF: 60
SA: 105
SD: 115
SPD: 100
Total: 560


Bug: Twineedle
Dark: Bite, Hone Claws
Fairy: Crafty Shield, Flower Shield, Play Rough, Fairy Wind
Fighting: Bulk Up
Grass: Solar Beam, Sleep Powder, Vine Whip, Magical Leaf
Normal: Scratch, Growl, Roar, Quick Attack, Bide, Hyper Fang, Odor Sleuth


Doing a ghost type next. Which should it be?

  • Grass/Ghost
  • Water/Ghost
  • Fighting/Ghost

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Looks like Fighting/Ghost is going to be next. :stuck_out_tongue:


Life got hectic, but I’m still doing these. Hope to have some new ones up in the next couple days.


Also: look at Fighting/Ghost running away with it! lol


Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your post it was a good read


Thanks! They are a lot of fun to make. :smiley:


Finally had the time and desire to draw a little. :wink:

As requested, fighting/ghost type …


Effigy Pokemon

Type: Ghost/Fighting
Ht: 3’0"
Wt: 25 lbs
Abilities: Infiltrator, Iron Barbs

Hexdawl are extremely rare Pokemon who only show up at certain places and times. They are ghost Pokemon that have possessed a doll and who feed on the vengeful energy of those defeated in battle. Hexdawl actually enjoy being owned by trainers who battle frequently as it gives them more sustenance and they will often times seek out such trainers. Trainers should be very careful with a Hexdawl though as they also give off a vengeful aura that can sometimes infect humans. This can cause the weak willed to be consumed by vengeance themselves.

Hexdawl is based on a voodoo doll filled with common needles. Their name is a combination of the words “hex” and “doll”. Hexdawl cannot be found in the wild and only show up as part of a special reoccurring quest.


HP: 60
AT: 110
DEF: 50
SA: 80
SD: 90
SPD: 90
Total: 505

… at level 40 and only after being involved in over 400 battles, a Hexdawl will evolve into …


Manikin Pokemon

Type: Ghost/Fighting
Ht: 6’2"
Wt: 210 lbs
Abilities: Infiltrator, Iron Barbs, Scrappy

Once a Hexdawl has stored up enough vengeful energy, it upgrades it’s form to something larger and becomes a Voodkin. Now larger and far deadlier, Voodkin continue their quest to create as much vengeful hatred as possible. Voodkin take great joy in defeating opponents and much like Hexdawl, feed on the energy that each victory creates. A powerful Pokemon, Voodkin require an equally strong trainer as their aura is difficult to overcome. On many occasions, Voodkin have so much influence over their trainer that they are in fact the ones deciding who to battle and not the trainers themselves. Voodkin move in a herky-jerky and random manner that make them very difficult to predict.

Voodkin are based both on a voodoo doll (with nails instead of pins) and a very large art manikin that artists use to help draw the human form. Their name is a portmanteau of “voodoo” and “manikin”.


HP: 75
AT: 140
DEF: 90
SA: 95
SD: 95
SPD: 105
Total: 600


Dark: Night Slash, Feint Attack
Electric: Eerie Impulse
Fighting: Karate Chop, Jump Kick, Rolling Kick, Vital Throw, Cross Chop, Focus Punch, Quick Guard, Drain Punch, Force Palm
Ghost: Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, Curse, Hex
Ground: Spikes
Poison: Toxic Spikes
Normal: Leer, Disable, Quick Attack, Glare, Sharpen


More please


Oh, I have almost 200 of these. So far, I’ve shown 30. There are plenty to go. lol


Ghost/Water next, but the Pokemon after should be …

  • Fire/Grass
  • Bug/Fighting + Bug/Fire
  • Normal/Steel

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