Post your fanmade Pokemon


Like Lanturn?


Thunderbolt would be too similar, you are right but flame would be really interesting


Flame would be cool, yeah


When I first created Deeplure (10+ years ago now … jeeeeeez! lol), it actually did have a purple flame “light” on it, but then it felt too much like Lanturn. A bigger, meaner, and scarier version of Lanturn, but still … lol

The Magikarp just felt amusing and had that “Pokemon feel”.

… the flame did look cool though!


Maybe you could make flamedeeplure the evolution of lanturn


My first entry with a dual evolution path …


Gemstone Pokemon

Type: Rock
Ht: 1’4"
Wt: 45 lbs
Abilities: Sturdy, Keen Eye

Orble are floating orbs of rock with various gemstones floating around them. Orble live in mountainous areas and in caves, making them a frequent encounter for new trainers. Orble are very friendly and curious, especially when shiny objects are involved. Should you hold a shiny object or gemstone, an Orble will follow you around just to look at it. Orble spend most of their day playing or searching for new gemstones.

Orble is a combination of the words “orb” and “rubble”. “Orb” is also for “orbit”, since Orble has several gems orbiting it.


HP: 35
AT: 70
DEF: 90
SA: 30
SD: 30
SPD: 35
Total: 290

… at level 25, a male Orble will evolve into …


Pawn Pokemon

Type: Rock
Ht: 4’6"
Wt: 310 lbs
Abilities: Sturdy, Keen Eye

Pawnite are extremely organized Pokemon who gather in groups called battalions. Pawnite are fiercely loyal to their battalion as well as their trainer and make excellent guards. Pawnite love nothing more than to defend an area, whether it is their home or otherwise. Pawnite have a high level of respect for authority for those who have earned it, which make them very easy to train.

Pawnite is a pawn chess piece on a large rolling ball. It’s name comes from “pawn” (like the chess piece) and “ite”, which is a common suffix for a variety of rocks and minerals.


HP: 80
Att: 85
Def: 105
SA: 50
SD: 60
SPD: 80
Total: 460

… at level 40, a male Pawnite evolves into …


King Pokemon

Type: Rock/Fighting
Ht: 6’3"
Wt: 400 lbs
Abilities: Sturdy, Keen Eye

Azureking are obsessed with battle and train constantly by sparring with Pawnites. Azureking lead battalions of Pawnites, but only one Azureking can be in a battalion. Should a Pawnite evolve into an Azureking, it will battle the current leading Azureking. The winner, remains leader of the battalion, while the loser leaves to start a new one. Azureking value respect and loyalty and are hard to control if their trainer is not thought to be a good person by their Azureking.

Azureking are king chess pieces on a large rolling ball. Their name comes from the chess piece they represent along with “azure” which is another word for blue as well as a precious gem by the same name.

HP: 95
ATT: 105
DEF: 115
SA: 55
SD: 75
SPD: 90
Total: 535


Dark: Feint Attack, Pursuit
Fighting: Seismic Toss, Reversal, Rock Smash, Force Blast
Ground: Magnitude
Normal: Pound, Harden, Disable, Foresight
Rock: Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Rock Blast, Stone Edge, Rollout

… a female Orble does not evolve into a Pawnite at all, but at level 40 evolves into …


Queen Pokemon

Type: Rock/Psychic
Ht: 7’0"
Wt: 450 lbs
Abilities: Sturdy, Keen Eye

Since less than 5% of all Orble are female, Crimsonarch are extremely rare. More powerful and more respected than Azureking, Crimsonarch can lead several battalions of both Orble and Azureking at once. Crimsonarch are very powerful and very cunning Pokemon and if you are not a strong trainer, you will not be able to to earn it’s respect. Unlike Azureking, new Crimsonarch do not fight the reigning Crimsonarch for control, but instead concede and wander off to start their own battalions.

Crimsonarch are queen chess pieces on a large rolling ball. “Crimsonarch” is a portmanteau of “crimson”, which is a shade of red, and “monarch”


HP: 100
ATT: 90
DEF: 110
SA: 100
SD: 105
SPD: 70
Total: 565


Dark: Pursuit
Ghost: Shadow Ball
Normal: Quick Attack, Pound, Harden, Disable, Foresight
Rock: Rock Tomb, Stone Edge, Rock Blast, Stealth Rock
Psychic: Confusion, Future Sight, Psybeam, Meditate, Role Play, Zen Headbutt, Cosmic Power

  • Dreamlax
  • Nightmarax

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I have a lot more to share, just been busy the last few days. :stuck_out_tongue:


Evolution line of Lapras:
Surfby Lapras Pleiosurf

Water Ice type
ATK 100
looks like a small lapras without a shell if it carried people it would sink

Water Ice type
ATK 252
def 201
sta 351
Looks like a big Lapras with ice crystals on it


I will continue this idea later


Like how it adds exactly to 172HP in the games


Back to my Pokedex … lol

This time, it’s my first bird entry. Every Pokemon game has an early bird encounter and this fills that role in my dex.


Quail Chick Pokemon

Type: Normal
Ht: 0’8"
Wt: 3 lbs
Abilities: Anticipation, Scrappy

Qualings are hyper common birds that live in just about every habitat. Despite how common they are, Quailings are more difficult to find than you’d think as they are very adept at hiding. Qualings are frequent targets of predators and spend a lot of their time inside of bushes, trees, or anything else that they can hide in. A common early Pokemon for most trainers, Qualings also make good pets.

Qualing are based off of quail chicks, with an oversized version of a quail’s plume on it’s head. “Quailing” is a portmanteau of “quail” and “hatchling”. It was created and named long before Fletchling came about in Gen 6, I’ve just never gotten around to re-naming it. lol


HP: 20
AT: 30
DEF: 35
SA: 30
SD: 30
SPD: 60
Total: 205

… at level 16, Qualing evolves into …


Quail Pokemon

Type: Normal/Flying
Ht: 2’6"
Wt: 40 lbs
Abilities: Anticipation, Scrappy

Unlike Quailing, Quailants are not shy at all. They are aggressive birds that are always on the move, which causes them to scare away some would-be predators. Quailants are in fact rarely preyed upon because they just aren’t worth the effort. Quailants rarely flee and will fight even a larger attacker until the end.

Quailant are based off of the common quail with an exaggerated head plume. “Quailant” is a portmanteau of the words “quail” and “pheasant”.


HP: 40
AT: 70
DEF: 45
SA: 45
SD: 45
SPD: 70
Total: 325

… at level 37, Quailant evolves into …


Strong Quail Pokemon

Type: Normal/Flying
Ht: 5"5"
Wt: 85 lbs
Abilities: Anticipation, Scrappy

Despite it’s somewhat docile appearance, Quailhawk are ferocious birds of prey. Unlike their previous evolutions who are social and communal birds, Quailhawk prefer solitary lives. Quailhawk also like to watch over their pre-evolutions and using their keen senses, can see, smell, or hear when one is in trouble. They will then swoop in an assist them. Quailhawks are easy to train and make good Pokemon for early trainers.

As the name implies, Quailhawk is the combination of a quail and a bird of prey. The idea was something as simple and normal as a quail, turning into a large hawk-like predator.


HP: 85
AT: 85
DEF: 70
SA: 80
SD: 80
SPD: 104
Total: 504


Flying: Peck, Wing Attack, Feather Dance, Air Cutter, Roost, Tailwind, Brave Bird
Fairy: Fairy WInd
Fighting: Detect
Ice: Icy Wind
Normal: Razor Wind, Fury Attack, Screech, Quick Attack, Swift, Double Team, Bide


More birds to fill the dex with.

As I mentioned earlier, I had a seasonal component to my dex. The birds in this post are common during the warm seasons, and rare during winter seasons.


Spoonbill Pokemon

Type: Flying/Water
Ht: 1’6"
Wt: 15 lbs
Abilities: Water Absorb, Torrent

Spoonfowl are common waterfowl that populate lakes and rivers. Spoonfowl are lazy Pokemon who feed by sitting still near the shore with their spoon-like beaks open, waiting for small animals to swim by. Should that fail, they are known scavengers who try and sneak in and steal prey from other Pokemon, as well as from humans. As far as trainers are concerned, Spoonfowl are easy to catch and train.

Spoonfowl are based on spoonbills and their appearance is a mix between a spoonbill and a common duck.


HP: 40
AT: 70
DEF: 55
SA: 45
SD: 40
SPD: 65
Total: 315

… at level 24, Spoonfowl evolves into …


Waterfowl Pokemon

Type: Flying/Water
Ht: 9’6"
Wt: 150 lbs
Abilities: Water Absorb, Torrent

Stiltfowl are common Pokemon for trainers who live near bodies of water. Stilfowl enjoy standing still more than anything, frequently seeing just how long they can do so. Stiltfowl have extraordinarily long necks that they can manipulate in several ways and are even able to turn their heads 360 degrees. Stiltfowl have also been known to wrap their necks around opponents, squeezing them with their strong neck muscles.

Stiltfowl are based on a combination of heron, flamingos, and other large water fowl with long legs.


HP: 75
AT: 95
DEF: 65
SA: 60
SD: 60
SPD: 90
Total: 445


Grass: Absorb
Fighting: Double Kick, Low Kick
Flying: Drill Peck, Sky Drop, Tailwind
Ice: Hail
Normal: Mega Kick, Tackle, Swift, Wrap
Water: Bubble, Rain Dance, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Soak, Hydro Cannon


These birds, however, appear frequently in winter months, but are rare in warm months.


Blue Jay Pokemon

Type: Flying
Ht: 1’4"
Wt: 3 lbs
Abilities: Refrigerate, Moxie

Bluelark are known as a sign that the fall and winter are coming as they rarely appear outside of those months. Bluelark have unique feather patterns on their back, wings and tail with variations of grey, dark blue, and light blue. On rare occasion, a Bluelark will also have white feathers mixed in as well. Trainers like to catch Bluelark and compare feather patterns, which has caused a vibrant trading culture for these winter Pokemon. Bluelark have a call that is off key and is difficult to listen to.

Bluelark are based on the common blue jay and their name is a combination of “blue jay” and “lark”, which is another type of bird.


HP: 65
ATT: 70
DEF: 50
SA: 70
SD: 65
SPD: 80
Total: 400

… at level 32, Bluelark evolve into …


Ice Hawk Pokemon

Type: Flying/Ice
Ht: 3’5"
Wt: 50 lbs
Abilities: Refrigerate, Moxie

Frostjay are large birds of prey that appear during colder seasons. Known for their skill for finding food in even the coldest months, Frostjays were once prized by nomadic tribes who relied on them for survival. Wild Frostjays are extremely territorial and will mark large stretches of land as theirs. This causes them to come into conflict with other bird Pokemon, especially Quailhawk.

Frostjays are a combination of blue jays and a bird of prey, more accurately an osprey.


HP: 75
ATT: 85
DEF: 75
SA: 90
SD: 80
SPD: 100
Total: 505


Dark: Feint Attack, Taunt, Hone Claws
Flying: Peck, Tailwind, Roost, Hurricane
Ice: Mist, Blizzard, Aurora Beam, Powder Snow, Haze, Ice Ball
Normal: Scratch, Tail Whip, Leer, Quick Attack, Screech, Extreme Speed


Those drawings are awesome!


Great ideas :grin:


The usual common early mammal in the dex …


Tail Whip Pokemon

Type: Normal
Ht: 2’3"
Wt: 16 lbs
Abilities: Anger Point, Beast Boost

Lashrat are the most common Pokemon you can come across and can live in every climate and terrain. Since they are so easy to find, a young tariner’s first task is usually to catch a Lashrat. A common game for some trainers is to have a contest to see just who can catch the most Lashrat, which is very welcome in some areas since it keeps the Lashrat population down.

Lashrat is based off a common mouse/rat, with three tails that they use as whips.


HP: 20
AT: 65
DEF: 30
SA: 25
SD: 25
SPD: 80
Total: 245

… at level 18, Lashrat evolves into …


Kangaroo Rat Pokemon

Type: Normal/Fighting
Ht: 4’6"
Wt: 95 lbs
Abilities: Anger Point, Beast Boost

Stomprat are bullies that terrorize other Pokemon. Some theorize that this simply comes from their love of fighting and is not as malicious as it seems. Either way, wild Stomprat are usually not welcome in most areas, especially in large numbers. Stomprat can deliver brutal punches with their fists as well as kicks with their enlarged feet and powerful legs. Stomprat can also leap great distances to escape or to deliver even more powerful blows to opponents.

Stomprat are based on kangaroo rats as well as boxing kangaroos. Their name comes not only from the words “stomp” and “rat”, but is also a play on the term “swamp rat”, which is a common swamp pest.


HP: 65
AT: 85
DEF: 55
SA: 50
SD: 65
SPD: 101
Total: 421


Dark: Bite, Sucker Punch, Snarl
Fighting: Double Kick, High Jump Kick, Mach Punch, Detect, Revenge, Bulk Up, Close Combat
Fire: Fire Punch
Electric: Thunder Punch
Ice: Ice Punch
Ground: Earthquake
Normal: Pound, Stomp, Comet Punch


I reckon it learns tail whip as well lol


Yes, yes it does. lol


I is thinkin