Post your fanmade Pokemon


I’ve thought about re-posting some of my older ones from earlier in the thread while I’m still working on new ones. Would anyone be interested in that? It’s been several months now. lol

  • Yes, re-post some old entries sometimes!
  • Nah, just stick with new entries!

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You’re running the show in the end it’s up to you


I dont mind


Sure, but I also don’t wanna re-post a bunch of stuff no one wants to see. lol

It wouldn’t be the entire entry though, just the pics and maybe stats/moves.


Maybe it would be more easy to put them in a database like the one for “real” Pokémon, and publish them all on the Hub, where everybody can see them.


@VanHooIII I think that before re-posting some old stuff you should finally draw Meowth from the Team Rocket (without Jessie and James since you don’t like drawing people or at least those two). I’ve been waiting so long. :hourglass_flowing_sand:


How is he different from a regular Meowth?


He can talk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have no idea how to do that. lol


When does it end? I need to know how long I have. lol

Also: Drawing my own is way more fun than drawing Meowth. :smiley:


@VanHooIII I get what you’re saying when you doing something you want to do it’s fun but sometimes when you do it for work or for someone else you lose interest quickly I’m the same way


Well, it’s also Meowth. I like Meowth in the anime, but as a Pokemon I’ve never been a fan. It’s also not fun to draw. lol

Having said that, it takes like 5 minutes to draw Meowth. It’s a super easy one … soooo … :smiley:


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Hoping to get back to these this weekend! Probably gonna draw the new Gen 8 stuff first though. :wink:


Bugzer, the Tiny Fly Pokèmon is incredibly tiny, and often annoys People and Pokèmon. It also sometimes shines in certain angles of light. It is a Bug/Flying Type.

ATK: 206
DEF: 99
STA: 131

HT: <0.1 cm
WT: <0.1 oz.

Moves: Bug Bite, Wing Attack, Poison Sting (fast)
Signal Beam, Aerial Ace, Mirror Coat, Cross Poison.

It has 3 forms: Grass Green, Neon Orange, and Deep Blue. (The colors are only seen in direct sunlight).

Trivia: This is the smallest Pokèmon to ever exist.

Random thought lol. Based on regular fly.

Raid Boss: T2


A couple megas

Mega Castform (Castformite)
All Stats are 90.

Mega Wailord (Wailorite)
All stats are boosted by 15, except for Attack and Special Atk. Which is boosted by 25.

Ht: 57" 08"
Wt: 1498 Lbs.

Mega Wobbuffet (Wobbuffite)
ATK is boosted by 120
Sp. ATK is boosted by 85
HP is boosted by 35
All other stats are boosted by 55.


Sadly that is not how mega’s Work :confused: the base stat total is boosted by 100 (or 110 with alakazam)

But I’d love to see all those megas come to pokemon


@iLikeCastform is busy! I like it. :smiley:


New form for a very known pokemon coming soon