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Emu Pokemon

Type: Normal
Ht: 1’ 6"
Wt: 20 lbs
Abilities: Aftermath, Anger Point

Meanu are small flightless bird Pokemon who are the bane of trainers everywhere. Despite their small stature, Meanu will attack and chase anything. If a Meanu is near when a trainer throws a Pokeball, they will jump at it and start pecking at it, knocking it off of it’s intended path. Meanu have been known to bite humans and other Pokemon, even when they try and steer clear of them.

Meanu is based off of any variety of flightless birds, most notably an emu. It’s name is a combination of “mean” due to it’s disposition and “emu”. The basic design is someone else’s that they used for a coconut bid Pokemon. I just re-designed it to fit my needs. It’s 70% mine.


HP: 30
ATT: 75
DEF: 40
SA: 20
SD: 30
SPD: 80
Total: 275

… at level 30, Meanu evolves into …


Mean Bird Pokemon

Type: Normal
Ht: 3’ 0"
Wt: 60 lbs
Abilities: Aftermath, Anger Point

Once a Meanu evolves, it does not lose it’s temper. If anything, it gets worse. Krassowary travel in packs, harassing anyone or anything in their path. They have even been known to kick and peck at each other if no other targets present themselves. Bullies and evil organizations love to utilize Krassowary due to their affinity for bullying and attacking weaker Pokemon.

Krassowary is based off of a cassowary. It’s name is a combination of “crass” (misspelled), which basically means insensitive and “cassowary”.


HP: 45
ATT: 85
DEF: 50
SA: 40
SD: 45
SPD: 90
Total: 355

… at level 45, Krassowary evolves into …


Terror Pokemon

Type: Normal
Ht: 6’ 3"
Wt: 200 lbs
Abilities: Aftermath, Anger Point, Big Pecks***

***Big Pecks has only been used for Flying types up until this point. As a flightless bird, Terribird will buck that trend.

Terribird are feared predatory birds that stalk other Pokemon in the wild. More solitary than their pre-evolutions, Terribird are born to hunt and kill. Armed with fierce talons, a hooked beak, and hyper speed, few stand a chance once a Terribird has set their sites on them. Despite their aggressive and dangerous nature, Terribird actually aren’t as difficult to train as one might think … as long as it is well fed.

Terribird are based off of any number of flightless birds (rhea, emu, cassowary) as well as the prehistoric Terror Bird which was thought to be a 10 foot tall killer millions of years ago. It’s name is a a combination of “terrible” and “bird” as well as a play on the name Terror Bird.


HP: 75
ATT: 115
DEF: 70
SA: 70
SA: 75
SPD: 115
Total: 500


Dark: Taunt, Hone Claws
Fighting: Double Kick, High Jump Kick, Low Kick
Normal: Scratch, Razor Wind, Swords Dance, Stomp, Mega Kick, Fury Attack, Quick Attack, Take Down, Leer, Screech, Uproar, Work Up
Steel: Flash Cannon, Metal Claw


Terribird would be a terrifying choice band wallbrraker with enough speed investment.


His first stage looks kind of sad like he’s lonely then he grows up to look mean


Love it when folks comment. Thanks!


Seems mischievous to me, but I can also see lonely. Definitely was going for mean and “eat your face” later though. :rofl:


These fanmade Pokémon are great! @VanHooIII


Thanks! They are fun to make.


Currently working on another, but I’m going to have a vote for the one after that.

  • Fire/Water
  • Fire/Normal
  • Grass/Water
  • Electric
  • Water/Normal

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Just pretend I’m the only one that voted



It’s funny because what I expect will win, never actually does. :rofl:

It’s the same with Likes. I post some of these and think they will get a ton of likes, then they only get 1-2. Then I will throw one up thinking it won’t go over as well and it gets 10 likes. lol


That’s how I feel about all my post the ones that I assumed should break a record never do and the ones that make no sense get the most likes


Your stuff is better than most stuff that Game Freak comes up with.


Thanks! Glad you liked it. :slight_smile:


Electric is currently winning the poll, before that though …


Trap Pokemon

Type: Grass/Dark
Ht: 0’ 9"
Wt: 10 lbs
Abilities: Strong Jaw, Overgrow

Traplant are parasitic grass Pokemon who plant themselves into the ground, waiting for their prey to step on their jaw mechanism. Once sprung, the jaws close on the leg, arm, tail, whatever it gets ahold of. Traplant then begins sucking the blood of it’s victim until it is satiated. With it’s barbed tentacles, it is very difficult to pull out of the ground and it can detach from it’s leafy trap if it needs to flee, leaving it behind and burrowing deeper into the ground. A Trapant can grow back another trap in a matter of hours.

Traplant is based off of a bear trap mixed with a carnivorous plant. It’s name is a portmanteau of “trap” and “plant”.


HP: 20
ATT: 70
DEF: 20
SA: 70
SD: 60
SPD: 15
Total: 255

… at level 35, Traplant evolves into …


Ambush Pokemon

Type: Grass/Dark
Ht: 2’ 8"
Wt: 25 lbs
Abilities: Strong Jaw, Overgrow

Since Traplant are very rare and difficult to catch, it was thought that it and Briavore were unrelated grass Pokemon. Rarely seen in the wild, Briavore can sit very still for weeks at a time, waiting for a bug Pokemon to come near it’s scented flower lure. Once one is close enough, Briavore will jab it with it’s poisonous forearms and begin trying to eat it’s prey. Briavore have a strong sense of hearing and smell, which allows them to sit with their eyes closed so that they resemble a harmless plant.

Briavore isn’t based off of anything in particular. It’s name is a combination of “briar” and “carnivore”.


HP: 60
ATT: 85
DEF: 50
SA: 90
SD: 75
SPD: 55
Total: 405

… at level 45, Briavore evolves into …


Grass Dragon Pokemon

Type: Grass/Dragon
Ht: 24’ 6"
Wt: 200 lbs
Abilities: Strong Jaw, Overgrow, Long Reach

Apex predators of forests and jungles, Wyvine are insatiable dragon Pokemon who seem to spend their entire lives sleeping and eating. This is a good thing, since if it didn’t sleep so often, it would consume all the wildlife in an entire habitat. Wyvine are ferocious combatants, yet prefer to ambush their prey. Some speculate this is due to the habits of their pre-evolutions. Wyvine can flatten their entire bodies and will lay on the forest or jungle floor, appearing to be a tangle of vines and plants. When a person or Pokemon wander into their trap, everything around them suddenly comes to life and they find themselves bound by vines and thorns and snapped at with sharp teeth. Another preferred hunting method is to sit still in the treetops, once again appearing to be nothing more than vines and plants, only to drop onto unsuspecting targets below.

Wyvine is a venus flytrap mixed with a dragon. It’s name is a portmanteau of “wyvern” and “vine”. It is considered a pseudo-legendary Pokemon.


HP: 90
ATT: 105
DEF: 80
SA: 125
SD: 100
SPD: 100
Total: 600


Dark: Bide, Crunch, Dark Pulse, Snatch,
Dragon: Dragon Dance, Dragon Tail, Dragon Rush, Dual Chop, Twister, Outrage
Poison: Poison Jab
Flying: Hurricane, Sky Drop, Wing Atatck
Grass: Energy Ball, Leaf Tornado, Leech Seed, Power Whip, Spore
Normal: Bind, Constrict, Double Slap, Growth, Hyper Fang


Nice i like its first from looks like a mexacan plant


I’m up to 132 shared from my Pokedex now. By type:

  1. Water - 29
  2. Bug - 27
  3. Grass - 23
  4. Rock - 15
  5. Ghost, Normal, Dark - 13
  6. Ice - 11
  7. Fire, Flying - 10
  8. Ground, Poison - 9
  9. Steel, Fairy, Fighting - 8
  10. Dragon - 7
  11. Psychic, Electric - 6


and don’t even seem like you posted that many


Electric wins. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:


Waiting waiting…



Elusive Pokemon

Type: Electric
Ht: 2’ 3"
Wt: 30 lbs
Abilities: Anticipation, Early Bird

Speedah are ultra rare Pokemon who, even when encountered, are difficult to catch. Playful by nature, Speedah love nothing more than to come close to being caught, but ultimately escaping. If a trainer is lucky enough to hit one with a Pokeball and it escapes? It will most certainly flee. Speedah have a healthy respect for trainers who are able to catch them, which makes them among the most loyal Pokemon that you can catch.

Speedah is based off of a cheetah, of course. It’s name is a combination of “speed” and “cheetah”. It’s actually the first Pokemon that I ever created, over 20 years ago now. lol


HP: 30
ATT: 60
DEF: 40
SA: 60
SD: 50
SPD: 90
Total: 330

… at level 36, Speedah evolves into …


Static Pokemon

Type: Electric
Ht: 5’ 7"
Wt: 280 lbs
Abilities: Anticipation, Early Bird, Galvanize

As rare as Speedah is, Coducticat is near impossible to find in the wild. Lightning fast, you only know a Conducticat has been nearby due to the large amount of static electricity that is in the air. By running, Conducticat builds up electricity in it’s tail, which allows it to unleash powerful electric attacks. While not as playful as their pre-evolutions, Conducticat are very friendly Pokemon, especially towards those who are kind and generous to Pokemon.

Conducticat is also based off of a cheetah. It’s name is a combination of “conduct”, as in to conduct electricity, and cat. With a speed stat of 160, it’s the fastest in my dex and one of the fastest in any dex.


HP: 70
ATT: 85
DEF: 70
SA: 100
SD: 80
SPD: 160
Total: 565


Electric: Spark, Thunder Fang, Electro Ball, Wild Charge, Electrify, Eerie Impulse, Nuzzle, Thunder
Fairy: Play Rough
Normal: Scratch, Tackle, Tail Whip, Growl, Swift, Super Fang, Slash
Steel: Flash Cannon