Post your excellent throws!


I mostly do curves, they just don’t always land as excellent.




I got 12 on a stantler in a row I forgot to say




What are you uploading @Pokemon? It’s been uploading for 14 hours now.


No it’s been uploading since december 20 lol


Since Internet was invented we were shure that there exists a Nirwana (Paradise), where every message neverever received ended.

I remember from the '90 a email which needed 6 month to go from US to Germany, because it was frozen in a server in midway, until they repaired it and it went on on its way.


I didn’t even know email existed in 1990. I had just learned about it in English class in 1993 when I was a senior in High School and had no idea what teacher was talking about. Probably never used it until around 2002.


6 months? That took longer than mailing via postal office


Got it on finneon


Worked with email (SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) in 1981. Figured everybody had it, and was wrong about that. Expected it to last a couple of generations, and was wrong about that, too. (It’s still around but no longer the ‘standard’ means of communication, having been displaced by texts and tweets.)


Normally not that hard, but this one loves to jump


caught shiny groudon like this;



deoxy :smiling_imp:


You a bad man


Nice work. Set circle trick works well with those guys & T5 raids also. Good for clearing out tasks that involve excellent throws!



Dont want to post every throw here :confused: I throw more excellent then not


Managed to screen record this one yesterday:

I think I found the trick on how to throw Excellent Throws. I even managed to do the Make three Excellent Curveball Throws in a row task within 15 minutes of time. The Pokémon I managed to throw the Excellents in a row on were Spoink, Poochyena and Rattata.