Post your excellent throws!


Did one on Pidgey yesterday :scream:


Hit an excellent on a Tauros then it broke free (still caught it) also this was a long time ago


Everytime when I make an Excellent Throw I do not catch the Pokémon for some reason. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Next time I’ll try screen record.


Same to me, for me the Excellent Throws have lesser catch rate than the great-ones.


Got 2 more on a sudowoodo.
got one with my nose (easy)




Jynx, Snover, Weedle, Turtwig, Snorunt


Despite of its big circle, Turtwig is abit hard because it’s so close


finally nailed one on snover




I’m sure it’s just my imagination, but I get the sense that more of my ‘excellent’ throws result in escapes than captures. I find myself muttering sarcastically, “Oh, great, another excellent…” as I position my throwing finger above the berries button to prepare for my next attempt.

It’s part of my reason for not honing excellent-throw skills more – I just seem to have better success when the throw is only ‘great’.

Has anybody done actual statistical confirmation that excellent throws are best?


Jynx is so fracking easy for me.


suicune breakthrough penap


Have not made an excellent throw on some time now


On an Entei.
And a Machop earlier


I excellent(almost) everything


That is, Well, excellent


I don’t get Excellent very often. I finally did complete the 3 great curves in a row research task after 2 weeks of trying.


Just got another!


You’re getting the hang of it!