Post your excellent throws!


Post hard excellent throws you made!


For the excellent curveball quest in mythical discovery I did it on Roselia!


I got 29 excellent curves on a single sudowoodo




It took 50 red balls to catch it.
After 40 throws I started razzing it


I love sudowoodo’s catch screen dodge


I love how its not that hard to get the excellent but always pops out when you land it


That’s exactly what I want to happen when doing the 3 Excellent in a row for Lavitar Quest. Well the first 2 times any way.
As soon as I get an Excellent throw quest I’m looking for Kangaskhan’s as I find them the easiest to hit it. Wailmer is also another very easy one.


Yes, I also go straight to Nosepass and Ponyta.

I caught myself completely off guard a few days ago when I hit an excellent on a Chikorita. That and a Pikachu have the smallest catch circles that I’ve made excellents on.


Evert community day I manage to get an excellent.

I have so much practice in such a short time on a pokemon that I get better and batter.

On beldum day I even got 2 in a row.


@Pokemon, what happened to the Sudowoodo afterwards? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I never caught it.
It ended up running.


Tons of stardust gone.


Same xD



Zubat is impossible to get an excellent throw on.


It’s possible but it’s just very hard duh


Zubats is halfway across the country, I cant even do curveball throws on it.


I can


I managed to throw an Excellent Throw on Zubat though.