Post your armoured Mewtwo


Post your Armoured Mewtwo



This was on my local discord I decided to post it so everyone knows what CP to look for


@5GodLink you got alot of them



Caught 2 today. I don’t really care about this Mewtwo, since I hate its design, and it’s not even good apart for PVP (which I don’t care either). So I’ll just use my daily pass to raid Mewtwo but only for the Mewtwo candies.


I would rather the OG Metal Mewtwo, this Mewtwo i don’t like much.


I have a video, of course:


Have done 5 so far at 3/5.
The ones running were just as crap as the ones caught.

My run of useless IV just keeps rolling on while the Wife gets a 98% And one of the Kids gets a 100% which has been powered up to the Max.


Not going to buy passes for this like I thought I would. I’ll still do the free one just for the Mewtwo candy though…
(Repost from Discord…)


A T5 egg popped up across the street early this morning, which we took down without trouble with 5 accts. At the point of victory we had 5 regular Mewtwos pounding it, and the chuckle that elicited was more worthwhile than the 2 rather craptastic additions to my Pokémon storage:



Added 2 more today


Caught one today. Thought the raid was going to be groudon but it wasn’t. Caught it on the first try. Knows confusion and earthquake. I traded it to my hubby for a shiny raikou.


Updated got 2 more


This evening’s haul wasn’t great; but it wasn’t totally crap, either.


Wasn’t even planning on doing a Raid today to save up for tomorrow, but the hubby wanted a go at Armored Mewtwo, and to help him have the best chance possible with Best Friends boost, I helped out.

It’s a 96% too.


Did this one yesterday on the way to dinner.


Done 1 raid to get it for the collection and got this one. So I’m done with this.


First Raids I’ve done since last Friday. Did it with 6 people twice. Fairly easy since 4 out of the 6 were level 40.