Post your armoured Mewtwo


I’ve done it today in a group of 6, but the highest has been me with level 39. At the end we finish with 10 seconds on the clock.


Got the one for your collection.
Now get more for the candy (to power-up your best regular Mewtwos).


Done that allready long before this armored crap came in the game. :wink:


Awesome. While Armored Mewtwos are busts, regular Mewtwos are beasts. Hard to have too many maxed-out regular Mewtwos.


Armoured Mewtwo has been a disappointment.
I was looking forward to it as Uxie and Rainbow Goose held no interest. Did a few in the first day(s). The daughters acct got a 100% and that was Powered up to L40 and used a few times only to find it was not very good all interest was lost.
I haven’t done a Raid for the last 5 days now. I can’t even be bothered doing one to use my daily free pass.



Did 2 today during Raid Hour with free passes. First raids I’ve been able to do since last Friday. The 1808 CP is my best so far.


got mine



got one of those too